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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Let's Talk BUMS" @Cottonelle #crowdtap

I'm sure many of you have seen the commercials with Cherry talking with people about keeping their bums clean--this woman is what Flo has been to Insurance she it for the adult bum wipe.

I had a chance to be a mini Cherry to some friends and family thanks to crowdtap. While the first few times I started asking I'd just get giggles once I challenged them to try out the routine of wet and dry together for them selves they were impressed. The wipes are durable and who doesn't want to be fresher and cleaner,  try these and see if you like them!
I love now they are packed for on the go to!

saw this on a fellow crowdtappers pinterest board and it gave me a chuckle!!!!
Tips on toileting for both ladies and gentleman.


  1. Loooove the sign. Saw it this summer on a trip to Key West.Wanted to buy one but I live in Spain and hardly anyone speaks English (to really understand it) here. See you around and hope yo have a great week

  2. Really cute commercial and sign. :)

    1. this commercial is just one of many---they are all super funny!

  3. LOL! Love how they take something no one talks about and ask questions for a commercial - certainly gets people to notice!

  4. LOL! I nearly spit my coffee! Love this sign! I keep telling my husband to aim closer. As much as most men like guns, they sure don't pay attention to other things they shoot!

    1. =D I was thinking of having that sign printed up for in my bathroom!! LOL


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