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Thursday, October 20, 2016

@SourJacks Halloween Challenge #foodiekids

~~RE-POST ~~

This time of year there are two shows on TV that my kids and I CANNOT MISS-- Halloween Wars and Halloween Baking Championship 

Last year we recieved this challenge and we excepted with glee.

"In honor of the sweetest holiday being just days away, America’s favorite mouth puckering candy brand, Sour Jacks, wants to treat you with a tricky challenge.
Sour Jacks want to challenge you to create a trick ‘or’ treat / Halloween inspired design, using the newest flavors; Lemonade, Wild-berry and Green Apple. "


Of course when they arrive we have to fight off the urge  to just rip open the bags

 and munch away!! =)

All the ideals we came up with were pretty simple others had a few more steps but over all nothing  that you need a  professional pastry chef for.

Our first treat:

Make the sugar cookie fingers we took store bought Sugar Cookies and shaped them like wrinkly witch fingers...then added  Sour Jack Watermelon
as the nail tips.
 We posed with Witches nail polished
she used to "create" her lovely #nailart

Using the Green Apple we created :

Cut an  Apple in "Pumpkin" shape
dip into white chocolate wafers dyed
 orange use a toothpick an add on the Sour Jack for
pumpkin stem
Then came the Sour Jacks  WildBerry:

We mixed the Sour Jack WildBerry into our
favorite Vanilla Ice Cream let it chill
then find a cold glass add two scoops of ice cream
and your favorite Cherry Cola. Top with Whip
Cream and Strawberry Syrup and more Sour Jacks

This was by far the BIG WINNER at our house!

There are endless ways you can get creative with these yummy gummy candies!



  1. What a fun challenge but I couldn't do it! Lol

    1. I bet you could attempt at lest one of these crafty creations =^D

  2. These are such adorable and fun ideas! I need to try these out for our Halloween party this weekend.

  3. So cute - love those sugar cookies!

    1. TY NailArt is all the rage for my daughter so this was all her =)

  4. Sounds so good! I loved making floats as a kid!

    Rachel |

  5. We never miss out on these two shows. My daughter got us hooked and we look forward to watching every year.

    1. there are always some VERY creeply creative contestants! =)

  6. Sounds great!! I love making floats and the cookies look so good.


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