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Monday, July 6, 2015

We Came... They Danced... MOVE DID IT ALL #MoveLiveOnTour

I was pleased to Win tickets for MoveLiveOnTour from a local radio station. My daughter is a HUGH HOUGH fan and after watching this show SO AM I!!!

If you haven’t seen Move! Live on Tour, featuring superstar siblings Derek &

 Julianne Hough of “Dancing with the Stars” fame, you are missing out on

 something special. They are the best sibling duo out of Utah since Donnie and


(The Hough duo made reference to the Osmonds -and my daughter asked


The show was full of life, lifts and hip whips!!!

There was MUCH audience participation that made for some great moments!


The stage it self was just as awesome as the dancers and the troop dancing with  the Houghs were EXCEPTIONAL! I liked that  along with the dancing we were treated to their amazing voices too.


Loved everything from the choreography to the wity banter and inspirational messages that was presented for fans of  all ages.  THEY REALLY DID DO IT ALL!!!

Go see it!
Tour dates for the rest of July!

567 89 10 11
08:00 PMSusquehanna Bank CenterCamden, NJOutside Your AreaSee Tickets
on Live Nation
12 1314 1516 17 18
192021 22 2324
08:00 PMFabulous Fox Theatre - St. LouisSt. Louis, MOOutside Your AreaSee Tickets
on Partner Site
26 27 2829 3031

Friday, July 3, 2015

Heat up your Summer Party with Spicy Fiesta @FlamousBrands Falafel Chips

 Summertime means party time! The first BIG BASH of the Summer for us it the 4th of July- every one get together for a BBQ and we also have a family member who celebrated her Birthday that day as well so we have games cake and gifts, then off to the FIREWORKS!

For such a feast everyone had to do their part to contribute to the food
So I break out the Spicy Fiesta Flamous Falafel Chips - the chips made for hummus great for  guacamole and salsa dip too! 

They are delicious & healthy!  Non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, vegan, and kosher!  There are a verity of flavors:

The Original-recipe of over 21 herbs, vegetables, spices, and legumes -great with dips

The Spicy Falafel same recipe as original with a kick of  Cayenne pepper

There is also a Spicy Fiesta Chip-no dip is need because the party is already all over the chip!

MY FAVORITE has to be the Multi Grain with Rosemary and Thyme

 You know you have a winner when you can enjoy a chip that is made with 21 herbs, vegetables, spices, and legumes- makes them healthy & extremely tasty as well. Ounce-per-ounce, they have a higher antioxidant value than that of green tea or vegetable juice – at least 10x more to be exact. The best part is that they are free of most common allergens

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Super Summer Smoothies- kids will love WITHOUT the SUGAR from @KidzShake #kidfoodie #REVIEW

Many kids will be surviving summer on a diet filled with sugar and chemical additives, "The Birthday Party Diet".  Dr. Rach, Advocate for Children's Health and mom of 4, has created an amazing nutritional supplement that gives kids and busy parents all of the good stuff they need without any of the JUNK or SUGAR!

 Kidzshake is the prefect option for a breakfast shake or a poolside snack.Kidzshake provides organic protein, vitamins and minerals, probiotics, digestive enzymes, omega 3s and fiber for kids in a quick and easy drink format that tastes great! She also has develpoed   Kidzsprinkles are flavorless put  on food and provide complete vitamins and probiotics for little bellies. Helps Improves Bone & Muscle Development,  Improves Brain Functions & Alertness, and Reduces Bad Cravings.

So many fun recipes you can shake up with all the amazing flavors

  • Vanilla  Cream
  • Chocolate Cream
  • Orange Cream
  • Strawberry Cream

We tried a few

Super Nutrient Chocolate Milk

Looking for a super healthy alternative to traditional chocolate milk…..KidzShake is perfectly yummy with just water in a shaker bottle or in a blender, but here is a fun recipe to get some extra whole foods into your kids “chocolate milk”.
Serves 1-2
4 scoops of chocolate KidzShake
1/4 avocado
1 tablespoon of almond butter
1 cup of chilled water
Blend on high for at least 60 seconds.

Summer means fresh apricots. My kids loved to have apricot shakes.

Serves 1-2

2-3 apricots pit removed
4 scoops Orange Cream KidzShake
1 cup crushed ice
½ cup of water

Place in a blender on high for 30-60 seconds.

I know my kids and I will be having fun this Summer whipping up some yummy smoothies! Getting them to eat healthy will never be so easy!!!

Party game from @campgames great for 4th of July backyard celebration!

A long-standing bonfire tradition, toasting marshmallows over the fire is a relaxing way to end a backyard summer barbecue, and they make a delicious dessert. Now, Education Outdoors has transformed the process of lighting the fire, finding the right stick and toasting the marshmallow into a new family game. 
Toasted or Roasted is an offensive/defensive game. Great for ages 2 to 102!

  • Be the first player to start your campfire and toast three marshmallows
  • Opponents can rain on your campfire, blow your fire out, or burn your marshmallow
  • Packaged in a resealable plastic  "take-along" bag for great for taking a lone on a camping trip-can get wet an will wipe off EZ!

I like that we can toast marshmallows outside or if it's rainy bring the game in! All the fun of roasting marshmallows with out the calories!

You can fin it at  Education Outdoors site or on Amazon

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

This Summer add artisan twist to your @TheRealTriscuit #foodie #playwithyourfood

Summer vacation is quickly underway making it the perfect time to think about creative snack ideas for your kids. Whether you’re planning a picnic, embarking on a road trip, or sending your kids off to day camp, I was pleased to learn  Triscuit has partnered with five artisanal food producers 
to create exclusive products specifically designed for Original Triscuit crackers. Topping the Original Triscuit this summer:
 Detroit’s McClure’s Pickles’ Olive Tapenade,
 Brooklyn’s The Jam Stand’s Cherry Ginger Jam,
 Portland Oregon’s Olympia Provisions Summer Sausage 
and Georgia’s Savannah Bee Company’s White Honey with Passion Fruit.

I was sent a box of Triscuits and the Olive Tapenade and Cherry Ginger Jam so I gave these recipes a try.

McClure’s Pickles
Olive Tapenade, Goat Cheese, Chives
1.       Start with an Original Triscuit cracker
2.       Spread goat cheese on cracker
3.       Add McClure’s Olive Tapenade
4.       Top with chopped Chives

I have to be honest I'm not the BIGGEST Olive fan but this was yummy!!

The Jam Stand
Cherry Ginger Jam, Brie, Walnuts
1.       Start with an Original Triscuit cracker
2.       Spread The Jam Stand’s Cherry Ginger Jam on cracker
3.       Add a piece of brie
4.       Top with chopped walnuts

This was like biting into HEAVEN!!!

Making these recipes got me in the mood to make a 4th of July sampler. My Kids were all to eager to pitch in with ides and to taste test.
We came up with a few toppings and tested what two would be the stars for our 4th BBQ:

I did a baked mac&cheese on top of the Triscuit
a taco in a bow and Triscuits for dipping
peanut-butter with chocolate covered pretzel
and the Cherry Ginger Jam mixed with Cream Cheese topped with apple sliver

After much deliberation and me sweating it out like I was being judged 
on Top Chief the top two picks were announced!!

The Baked Mac&Cheese and the Jame with Apple!!

This Summer I encourage you to have a Triscuit Tasting day...week...or try a new recipe every day. Check out their PINTEREST BOARD the ideals are endless!

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