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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Very Versatile Tunic #LuLaRoeIrma Review #RockingandRoeing

~clothing review... thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. I received this piece for a deal in exchange for my point of view.

Irma is comfy and perfect for leggings season! It is LuLaRoe's best selling tunic top!

If you are familiar with the LuLaRoe brand you know the pieces all have unique names -The company itself is a combination of the founders first three granddaughters. The Irma is one of the few pieces not named after a family member, but Irma is married to Patrick, the head designer for LuLaRoe! (oh yes he has a shirt too 😊)

I must confess the Irma has not been a piece in my Top 10 or even my Top 20. When Callie, the Chief Stylist over at RockingandRoeing requested some style ambassador's for the Irma; I decided to give it another try.

As soon as I opened my pretty pink package I was a goner 

IT WAS ROSES... MY KRYPTONITE  & Green a color I've been looking to add to my wardrobe for awhile.

The fabric is a Polyester/Spandex blend. It is silky to the touch and has a great stretch. Having that stretch is very important to me, the sleeves are fitted mid-length having bigger arms that give is a must!

High low hem with a back long enough to cover all the assets.
Looks fantastic with leggings loose, or belted to show off your curves a little.  Wearing it with a Pencil skirt looks nice from all sides.

Irma is a versatile all on it's own, BUT  if you happen to live in a home with more then one LuLaLover  it's a great piece to UPSIZE in. Check out  my mini me  ROCKING some sweet dress hacks 

tuck in the sleeves, torso through the
 head, belt and its a stunning skirt.

sleeves out and tied into knot
 at bust-line for a edgy chic look.

NO JOKE feelings have done a 180° on Ms. Irma after
 giving  another analyses .


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

is it PARTY TIME justaddcolor to make it super EZ @usfg

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Jr Bible Camp... or when I realized I'm NOT as young as I think. #campisforyoungens

Camping has never been a adventure I LOOK FORWARD too...but Jr Bible camp is  slightly different then pitching a tent, starting a log fire, and sleeping on the ground. There IS  Cabins, a working kitchen, showers (!!) and bunks.( boards of wood! )

The Grounds are beautiful 

This is the third year our Church has done this for the lil saints ages 5-12.
There is a VERY GOOD schedule that kept things running pretty smooth despite the rainy moments.


8 - 9 – Breakfast  / Morning Worship & Devotional
9:30 – 10:30 – Team Games / Ice Breakers
10:30 – 12:00 – Nature Craft & Skit practice 
10:30 – 12:00 – Free Time 
12:00 – 1:00 – Lunch 
1:00 – 2:30 – Girls Swim / Boys Devotional – Bunk Time /Kayack
2:30 – 4:00 – Boys Swim / Girls Devotional – Bunk Time /Kayack
4:30 – Dinner
5 – 6 - Volleyball/ Octoball/ Soccer/ Basketball/Scavenger Hunt/ Jackpost
6 – 8 – Church 
(final night skit performances) 
8 – 9 – Snack Time / Campfire & MadLibs

The main topic was Jesus is our Best Friend & we need to act more like him.

During Daily devotions the campers all put  letters
in a box  to their best friend, (Jesus)
 thingsthey want help with, sharing their feelings about
 being a kid now...etc

We have a talented band and great worship leaders who lead our CHURCH section.

Many of the kids got involved- singing, playing interments and dance

 Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with
 the timbrel and harp.
Psalm 149:3

at the end of each lesson a major DANCE PARTY would brake out...I didn't get photos of that as I was dancing also -- after that I received my 

Moment like the second  photo below here touch my heart the most because one of the best things about this camp is it really gives the kids time for forming some wonderful friendships

Along with the spiritual we like to just get dirty and have fun!!

 Art project turned the campers into
tiny Jackson Pollock's

Octoball  was the hit of the camp the councilors
get a kick out of the fact that the kids
loved to be caged in ~LOL 

One of the actives I was overseeing was the skit in a bag. The Boys Team & Girls Team were each given a bag with a few props - a topic...BE LIKE JESUS and they were to act out the skit twice, first where they were not like Jesus & then change the actions to show someone or all acting more like Jesus would want them too.

They were so very creative...I was very impressed on how they came up with dialogue all on their own. If someone didn't want to have a speaking part  they volunteered to be living props. 

Closing out each night was fun by the fire!
MadLib stories had everyone in stitches!

I'm glad I was able to be a part of this camp...I know the kids had fun and even though my body was HURTING I KNOW it had a POSITIVE EFFECT on the kids so it was worth it.

Friday, August 10, 2018

How this school is building strong CHARACTER

Warren Middle School has the right idea!

What our children need more then ever is the encouragement, love and support. 

THIS IS AN AWESOME way to do just that.

As a PTA member this is a subject I'll be bringing up at the next meeting. 
I love that the teachers did this! It would also be an amazing assignment for the art club & student council to take part of.

Many moons ago when I was in school I was able to work on wall murals in my Middle School & High School, two have been painted over but some still are there. Its great to see now even as an adult. 

photo credit Warren Middle School facebook page

Should be in every school!!


This positive affirmations will effect SO MANY!! 

photo credit Warren Middle School facebook page


Sunday, July 29, 2018

@Crocs Back to School Sale #kidsfashion

Step up your game this year and personalize your Crocs with Jibbitz!
 My kids like to change them up daily.


There are so many great styles to add you own touch too.

#Dor24K Essential Facial Cleanser

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What better way to start and end your day than cleansing your skin with the luxurious benefits of 24 karat gold?

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Get Ready For Summer Camp with Label Daddy @usfg #sponsored

Summer Camp Season is FAST approaching and the first thing I always check to see is well stocked are my LABELS!!!

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These labels are super durable peel-and-stick washable labels -- they're washer/dryer safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and UV resistant! Label Daddy labels are also fun and attractive.

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