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Monday, June 1, 2015

Save your Nails Use a Scrigit! plus #win #Starbucks ends 6/12

How often do you use your nails  them to scrape at things? I do this daily and it is horrible on my nails- they are so thin it doesn't take much to get a chip or just brake it right off.  Now I can save my fingernails by using the Scrigit Scraper.  It is a great, light weight, scraper tool that can be conveniently clipped on just like an ink pen.  

  • Durable plastic scraper is safe to use on most household and automotive surfaces and is dishwasher safe.
  • Can be kept handy in many locations (kitchen, bath, office, car, boat, RV, purse, pocket) so it can be grabbed quickly.

Check out HOW EZ it is to use!!!


The Scrigit Scraper is available at Amazon in a 2-pack ($6.99) and a 5-pack ($9.99). If you would like to learn more, be sure to visit the Scrigit website

NOW one RSR reader can win a gift pack to try out this handy tool!

2 Pack & 5 Pack 
and $15 Starbucks GC!!!


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Ends 6/12

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lighten Your Laundry Load with Selestial’s #ad

Around Earth day I was sharing ways to go green-- for the past year I've been trying to take steps to have a greener home, Now going green has never been so simple. MyGreenFills is all about looking out for you, your family and the planet with their non-toxic, 100% natural products.

You do your best to take care of your family and the Earth.  You avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your home and seek out ways to recycle and reuse your resources.  But did you realize the plastic laundry jug you are using does NOT get recycled?  In one year, the United States alone uses enough jugs to circle the planet SIX TIMES, most of which never get recycled and end up in the ocean, polluting our beaches and killing animals.  Fortunately, there is an answer.  With, they’ll send you the LAST laundry jug you’ll ever own!  One and done! 
The process is simple:
  • Fill out your name and address online at and they will send you a free jug- you just pay for shipping
  • Choose your fill:  Choose from Unscented Laundry Soap, Color Safe Brightener, Fabric Softener or Enzyme Stain Remover
  • Mix and Match: You can choose how many refills you want and what products you need. Discounts are available when you buy 3 or more refills at a time. And after your opening order, you will only receive GreenFills for the jugs! NO MORE WASTEFUL JUGS!
  • Choose your frequency: Free shipping at intervals that work for you and your family means you never have to waste time running to the store when you get low or lug a heavy jug from the store to your home
  • Delivered right to your door: once you set your delivery schedule you never need to worry again!

All MyGreenFills products are 100% non-toxic, hypoallergenic, great for HE washers, effective in cold water, affordable (less than 12cents per load!) and 2X concentrated (50 loads per soap jug!)…  and BEST of all, refillable.

1 Buy refill
2 Fill warm water
3 Fill with pouch


You can choose your refill the more you buy the more you save--Always FREE SHIPPING!

1-2  $8 refill
3-4  $6 refill
5+  $5 refill

makes a great gift too!

Green Clean Products that Save Money, Time and the Planet

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spruce up your Home and #DesigneYourAir with Renuzit Pearl Scents #review +#giveaway

Give your home another depth of beauty with the pleasing aromas of Renuzit Pearl Scents. The new look is designed to accent and highlight your home decor as well as provide long-lasting freshness- Air freshener as your decoration inspiration- YES YES YES ! With the great aromas available your creative juices are sure to get going:

  • Blue Sky Breeze
  • Sparking Rain
  • Serenity (lavender & eucalyptus)
  • Tranquil (chamomile & jasmine)
  • Seductive Pineapple

I opened the Blue Sky Breeze and  was immediately  inspired. My entrance is boring and I've wanted to put a hall table in. Great place to drop you mail,keys, etc using  the pearl scents on the table as a great big welcome hug for all who enter-I was ready to make the table happen! While on  Pinterest I found many tables that gave me inspiration.

I chose to work off of these two while shopping with my Homegoods GC (THANKS PurexInsider) I'm glad I had a focus because there was such a great sellection of items.

I found just what I needed and set up my space. The final result is stunning if I do say so myself.

Now THREE of  RSR readers can be inspired to Design Your Air with Renuzit!!


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Liquid chalk markers are a creative way to decorate for a party! #DIY #review

In a few week we are celebrating my Daughters 13th B-Day! One thing she requested was an Ice Cream bar. I found these cute small bowls and with some chalkboard stickers I can label all the fun toppings. I like how easy Kitchen Supreme  liquid chalk works.

A Liquid chalk pen has a  reversible tip (chisel for fine detail art work and bullet for free writing and coloring) filled with Natural, Rich and Professional Ink- When you use for the fisrt time you will have to pump the markers to get the ink flowing-- we had to do about 25 good pumps!!
I can erase this chalk marker with a damp cloth so I can reuse my cute lil bowls.

Perfect for chalkboard labels, but you can write on any surface-including vinyl, glass, mirrors, metal-or bedroom doors!!!

The DIY usage   for liquid chalk is endless here is just a peek at a few other ideals I found on Pinterest that I'm going to try! These can be bought on Amazon for under $25  I don't think we'll use regular chalk on DIY project ever again! 

 ~ ~

Products that can help you stay Healthy and Keep family Safe

Pediatricians and moms have trusted Dreft for years to safely launder newborn and baby clothes without fear of allergic reactions or harsh ingredients that can irritate baby’s skin pair it with Downy Wrinkle-This stuff is really great for when you don't have time to a busy Mom -NEVER !

Now Dreft has introduced a safe line of cleaning products that is formulated to be gentle on baby's skin and tough on stains, Dreft has you covered every step of the way on the big, messy, beautiful journey ahead.

Getting dirty is a childhood right; for parents it is their job to clean up the aftermath. From cute hooded towels, to rubber duckies parents spend a lot of time trying to encourage their kids to bathe. There seems to be two sides to the spectrum, little ones who love bath time and are part fish or, a child that has to be pleaded with to bathe. Either way Kandoo has you covered! They have fun smells and the soap makes great suds for hours of fun. They also have the little bums covered with a great flush-able wipe that honestly some times I even use ;]

Keeping little noses clean can be another MONSTER:  Extra soft and scented in Great Grape, unscented and fresh scent—the fun scents encourage little ones to actually care for their runny nose.

With spring allergies in full force,  your home is a boogie battlefield. From runny noses, to sneezes to dry itchy noses the family cannot catch a break. Boogie Wipes has the solution to this problem and can spring clean the icky feelings right up.  Boogie Wipes and Boogie Mist work together to relieve these awful symptoms and are great products the whole family can use. I like tossing a few of the loose packs in the diaper bag for when I'm on the go, and the cute container looks great and has an easy pop up lid that little hands can grab a boogie wipe at home. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Need the perfect gift try Anjolee Customizes Jewelry! Timeless Elegance #review & #giveaway WINNER

Diamonds ARE a girls best friend!! And a customized piece is even more special!, is  a high end diamond jewelry manufacturer and retailer. Anjolee is the only jewelry website that offers you  the ability to customize any jewelry designs to your exact preferences, taste and budget. Their jewelry designs can be customized by any metal type, any carat size, any diamond or gemstone and size.

 You can take any jewelry design and make it your own! Anjolee’s product line consists of an extensive collection of wedding and anniversary rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.  

Here are a few of the pieces I love from the collection.

These make great Mother's Day, Graduation or Birthday gifts for that special lady in your life.

The company was gracious enough to custom make a piece for one lucky RSR reader- Check it out!! Sparkly  enough to catch their eye. Classy enough for every day.



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WINNER-- Beth Fox  =D

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Aveeno has got me covered this Summer ☀️ #AveenoAdvocates

This winter was brutality harsh on my hands...elbows...really just all my skin in general! Dry and cracked just UGHHHHH!!!  As a member of  Crowdtap I was TRILLED to join  the AveenoAdvocates group-and try out some new Aveeno Lotion and SunScreen.Let me tell you I'm set now.

This daily moisturizing lotion is  the only lotion your dry hand will ever need!!!

and the sun screen is great! NOT GREASY!! So light on the skin and all day long protection!

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