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Monday, October 10, 2016

Un-do the ghastly FUNK of DIY Costumes #BringTheStink @FebrezeInWash #ad

Halloween is an exciting time for everyone. It’s the one night a year to be anything you want, a vampire, a box of crayons or a medieval princess. STINKY is NOT what you're going for!! 

 If your family has extra creative juices you might  DIY and not resorts to costume shops. 
My Daughter is a HUGE Katy Perry fan over the years she has picked Halloween Costumes inspired by  Katy's Video's or tours Shows. We have done a LOT of thrift store shopping to create these master pieces. Thankfully this year we'll have the power of Febreze Laundry Oder Eliminator to get rind of any funk!!

Do you like to DIY Halloween Costumes? Half the fun is in the hunt for  just the right pieces.  



Febreze  Laundry Oder Eliminator will work with any detergent to fight any ghastly odor.  The cap works as a measuring cup so you have the perfect amount every time. 

You and your nose will be glad you added this to the wash!

It is sold at Walmart, HEB, Kmart and many other grocery stores. A 50 ounce  bottle sells for $8.99.  For all the latest news and information visit here .


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