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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Spooky Drinks for your #Halloween Gathering @CascadeIceWater

Halloween is  c-r-eeeeping up, it’s time to start thinking of spooktacular  drink recipes that will have family and friends enchanted for the night.  Filling up on candy and sweets this fright-tastic holiday makes it hard to feel guilt-free, but have no fear! Thanks to Cascade Ice you can  have some delicious and low-calorie drink recipes with and without "SPIRITS" here are a few you can find on their webite...I mean website.

·       "Blood" Punch: Using a large punch bowl, mix 3 parts of Cascade Ice in Black Raspberry with 1.5 parts of Cascade Ice Cranberry Pomegranate. Then stir in 1.5 parts cups of grape juice and 2 parts of club soda. Add in 2 cups of frozen strawberries to complement the flavors and serve. For added drama, add some dry ice to the table!

·      Boo-Berry Slush: Pour 5oz Cascade Ice Blueberry Watermelon and 5oz of Cascade Ice Wild Berry into a blender with a handful of ice. Add a cup of blueberries and mix to desired consistency. Pour the slushy into a glass and garnish with blueberries or a gummy worm.

·       The Screamsicle: No holiday is complete without a mixed drink for mom and dad. Mix 6oz Cascade Ice Orange Mango with 1/2 oz of Orange Vodka and 2oz of Whipped Cream-flavored vodka in a glass with ice. Garnish your drink with some red or black liquorish for the perfect cocktail!




  1. The Blood Punch sounds eerily good!

  2. All of these punches sound delicious and love the names. Will be fun to make and serve.

  3. All of these punches sound delicious! Can't wait to try them.

  4. How fun are these cool drinks! I definitely want to try the Boo-Berry Slush. I love watermelon and blueberry so sounds delish!

  5. I love these Halloween drink ideas, especially the Blood Punch! Thanks for posting xo

  6. I want a Boo Berry Slush right about now! That sounds super yummy.


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