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Friday, October 16, 2015

The @OrigSqueezeCo Goes SPORTY! #Review

Do you have an outdoor adventurer or athlete that is going through energy power gels and smoothies bought in an on the go pouch...where do these end up? LANDFILLS  

If your like me and trying to be more eco-conscious and healthy you need a solution to the grab and go pouch. NOW WE HAVE  ONE!!!


The Original Squeeze is the original reusable squeeze pouch with a spill-proof spout. Made of durable silicone and 100% toxin-free materials, the  reusable food pouches are  for baby foods , veggies and fruit purees , -NOW the  Sport Squeeze line for tweens and adults, who want to take along a great homemade smoothie on their hike or carry a protein shake for after a Soccer game. 

These pouches are just as durable as the athlete who use them- I love how soft and easy it is  to hold. For those thicker smoothies that are a struggle to get out of an ordinary drinking bottle the soft gel body of the pouch is easy to squeeze out and enjoy that smoothie!   There is a carabiner included so it can attache to bags, bikes or other sports gear.

The pouch can easily be hand rinsed or even put in the top shelf of dishwasher!
So next time you head out for a little one on one...don't forget to pack you Sport Squeeze!

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