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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

That Cat has a great pair of Leggs! #DIY #Halloween #Costume @LeggsBrand

My Daughter has always been very into DIY even when she was younger-if we found a store bought  costume she wanted to put some sort of DIY twist on it- She's all about BEING UNIQUE! 
As Arial -NO RED WIG dyed her hair red with Kool-aid and she made a large "dingle hopper" (fork) of  foil.
She's done  a few different versions of Katy Perry outfit from the hottest video of that you could imagine my surprise when this year she picked  the least unique costume (IMHO) for Halloween--


Well she does love our cat so I shouldn't have been so shocked!

In her quest on how to find a face that didn't look cartoon-ish  she found this BEAUTIFUL Cat Face  on Pinterest from >"<

You can find ears and tail set and most any store.

Then it was time to figure out what she would wear on her body, around here Halloween night can get VERY  cold it's even snowed!!!

After putting work into her costume the last thing she wants to do is cover it up! She has a great size black sweatshirt that she can turn inside-out but she was worried about her legs! That's when we discovered Leggs Tights! They fit the costume purrrfect.
Tights are available in regular or footless. She's thinking she might wear both just for layering yet NO BULK. 
 They will provide a nice cover, a soft yarn that micro massaging legs with 360-degree support. Designed to help energize your legs... Kay the Cat can easily pounce from door to door looking for her treats.

Here's a peek at the outfit of course the finish look cannot be reviled until 
 Halloween Night-she's working on getting the face perfected.


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