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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Healthy Munchy provide on-the-go healthy and fun snacking options for Moms!#allnatural #nosugaradded

If you’re looking for new ideas that are healthy, delicious, filling and satisfying, I have a great new single serve snack pouch that packs a fruity punch without added sugar or salt TRY - HEALTHY MUNCHY .

This innovative snack has kids and parents saying toodeloo to chips, cookies and other not so great snacks that often find their way into lunchboxes or as treat at parties.

Each bag contains a low calorie (up to 90), filling serving of 100% fruit crispies, made from nothing but picked in season fresh Fuji apples, pineapples, or bananas. They are  freeze-dried using a technology that removes moisture but retains nutrients and yields a delicious crunchy texture.  


These snacks bags feature kids favorite Nickelodeon characters 

Crunchy foods are said to "wake up" the brain because the sound stimulates the scenes.

The Fuji apple flavor contains the equivalent of 2.2 apples!  

Nutritionists recommend school snacks with natural sugar, as they keep blood sugar on an even keel well through the bell. 

These snacks are Kosher and Vegan


aside from adding to lunches  they also make a great Halloween party treat as well.

They are available at Fred's, 99 Cents Only Stores as well as at HealthyMunchy website


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