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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Great Costume from @CostumeDiscount #Review #MinionCostume #Kevin

Finding a costume for my Son this year was as easy as "Hana...Dul...Sae" If you finished that line with out having to look for a translation you know exactly where he got his inspiration!


Finding just the right Minions Costumes didn't take that long! Kevin had  the courage to stepped forward to lead Bob and Stuart on a journey to attend a villain convention in order to get all of their lives back on track. 

Wanting to lead his friends off in their quest for sweets we checked out Costume Discounters and and found the Perfect Kevin!  Like Costume Discounters on Facebook to get more great costume new ideas  or see some old classics and you might even find a savings code =)

This outfit comes with a printed jumpsuit, gloves, a headpiece, and goggles. The jumpsuit is designed to make it look as though your child is wearing a pair of denim overalls over his yellow skin. The included headpiece features the character's hair poking out from the top of the yellow cap. When your son wears the included black gloves WITH THREE FINGERS and goggles, it's  as if he's actually has transformed into this heroic minion!

I think the costumes are very true to size - but KNOW YOUR CLIMATE !! It would be ashamed to have found just the right look for you child then have to cover it up because the costume is not right for the weather.  I usually order a size bigger to layer under because the costumes are well made from a light polyester good if it's just a cool Fall night with a slight breeze but in our neck of the woods 40* is about average and it's even SNOWED! Although this year -if it did snow- my Son could  throw on his winter jacket and still ROCK  the Kevin!

You still have plenty of time to check out  Costume Discounters and find the Super Hero, Princess, or Cartoon costume for your little one.



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