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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Enjoy Sweetest Day with out the Calories Thanks to @candliciousmelt

On the third Saturday in October we celebrate Sweetest Day - some  referred to as a " Confectioners concocted promotion" created by the candy industry solely to increase sales of sweets.

How ever it cam about is not all that important just knowing 

it is  a day to bestow romantic deeds or expressions -I'm FOR IT !  With a company like 

Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats you can give "sweet treats" with out the calories

(believe me a much better act of love!)

Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats products are made with safe and natural ingredients in mind. The products are so creative from  candles, scrubs to  bath bomb and shower steamers, which are mad to look unique smell great.

Melissa Love started making candles and bath products as a hobby but soon
selling to friends and family turned into a great little business. When I check out her
site I just wanted to get one of everything!! They all look so good!  While I was setting up the photos for this blog post they smelled so good I just wanted to pop one in my mouth!  I really felt like a kid in a candy store--an Upscale Candy Boutique one that I would have only been allowed to peer in through the windows if I ever was in the neighborhood. 

The treats I received were from her "Sweet Selection" --
 a few others are Laundry Scent, Diva, Baby Shower and even Men's Collection ! One scent in that collection is called "THE PERFECT MAN"   =^D

 The scents that are available  are out of this world!
Here are just a few I got to sample:

Cashmere - spice with saffron, pimento berries white pepper blended with floral patchouli and vanilla 

Beverly Hills Glam  - floral ylang ylang, rose carnation, green moss, amber & sandalwood

my favorite has to be

Antique Lace  - Jasmine with Vanilla bean and a base note of musk

With 40+ scents I'm sure you find one to suite you or whom ever your buying for.

Starting at about $3 and going up to $25 these prices can fit any budget.

You can not forget about the next BIG Gift Giving event on most of our calendars: There is an awesome Holiday Collection that will Cheer up the Grinch or at least make him smell better.

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