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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Beach Bag Must-Haves! “The LiveWell Healthy Hydration System”.

The weather’s heating up and families across the country will be heading to pool parties or

  the shoreline to cool off this summer! I thought it might be interesting  doing a 

 "Beach Bag Must-Haves!" series. 

 Now you have to ALWAYS have some basic essentials like suit, towels, sunscreen, but what

 about the extras? Like a SUPER water bottle!!

About the LiveWell Healthy Hydration System  - LiveWell Water is a small company founded in 2004 by Rick Anson, a youth soccer coach who wanted better hydration options for his kids.  He was tired of watching them drink so called "healthy sports drinks" that were full of sugar and artificial ingredients, and set out to create a truly Healthy Hydration System that would enable people of all ages to have a healthier choice with their water. Benefits of the system:

o   Family Health – Our system filters ordinary tap water and enhances it with all natural and organic super fruits.
o   Cutting Edge – Our enhancement tablets are virtually identical to the original fruits delivering natural electrolytes and antioxidants
o   ECO & Pocketbook friendly – By using our reusable ECO bottles you’ll be able to filter ordinary water anywhere you go and stop thousands of water bottle from ending up in landfills.

Here's a brake down of the system:
Healthy Hydration System Flow.jpg

As a Soccer Mom I was excited about this bottle!! The great folks over at LiveWell offered to let me try it out with my family.

We had one happy soccer player on our hands!! He LOVED the Apple Cranberry  flavor. I love that its loaded with electrolytes to rehydrate him, Zero sugar and 100% natural organically grown fruit ingredients.

Think this is a super idea--check out their kickstarter page for more info.

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  1. What a cool bottle...I looked at the website---I love the verity of flavors they have!!! Cannot wait to see it in stores =)


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