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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

3-in-1 Planner #review #shopletreview

Shoplet recently sent me another marvelous product to review. I received the Bi-silque MasterVision 3-in-1 Planner and this is a product I didn't even realize I needed until I put it up!

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 ---not so shabby in my eyes until...

up the MasterVision 3-in-1 Planner!!!

I saw such a difference we'll never go back!!!

The Board is 24 x 18 -super size makes it EZ to read. Comes with a really easy mounting kit that is very strong! 


        Multitasking board works well for busy people

          Monthly calendar keeps track of schedules, while magnetic dry-erase surface offers a place to write notes, short messages or a 'to do' lists

            Cork section offers place to post pictures, appointments and put those game or concert tickets for safe keeping.

            I like the notes section... If I need to make a quick note it's there. I used to use notebook paper but I would move it and  forget where I put my note. The dry erase board is stationary and can't be misplaced. So now with the erase board I rarely forget things -unless I don't write it down.

            The cork section is by far my favorite part to this planning system. I've added a envelope to store documents ---like school supply list, permission slips for camp etc.

            This system gets a 
            5 of 5 star rating from us.


            1. This is cool! I'm quite the OC, so I appreciate products like these!

              1. I'm usually NOT so organized --the rest of my house can prove that-- but when it comes to the school info and sports calendar I have to be--I've been known to miss activities in the past......canoot let that happen again!

            2. I really need some kind of physical planner. I like this idea.

              1. I've relied on the digital calendar a lot for myself---but the kids activies need to be out where I can physically see them

            3. you are quite organized I wish I had something like that, my daily life is on a paper planner and my phone I been wanting a board like yours forever

              1. the board is VERY helpful....I'm not this way everywhere but I should get into better habits---life is SO much easier when your organized.

            4. I certainly could have used this planner back when I still had my full time bookkeeping service. Actually I could use it now to keep tract of appointments (both mine and my Mom's) and to put reminders of when to pay bills!

            5. I need this. I use a notebook for my notes every day.

            6. The MasterVision 3-in-1 Planner looks like the answer to my organizing troubles.

            7. I so need one of these because I am so unorganized. I love that it is 3 in 1 planner too.

            8. Oh my gosh, I love organization tools! We went into Target to get my husband a binder for work and I almost walked out with WAY more than that! Love this review! May need one for myself. ;) Thanks for sharing!!

            9. I LOVE it! I will have to get this! Thanks for sharing :)


            love to hear your thoughts......

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