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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We found David!!!

if you cannot find a name share a
 virtual bottle here

Have you found your name???


  1. That is a great marketing idea someone came up with for Coke! Whi doesn't like seeing their name on a bottle--especially kids!

  2. I keep seeing people posting the bottles they find. I haven't seen them yet, but then again I haven't looked. I wonder if they would have our names.

  3. I have seen all our names except my wife who does not have an ordinary name.. I think it is a really cool campaign by coke.

  4. I haven't found a Sharon yet, dang nab I made a virtual one. You'd think they'd have one since it makes sense. Watch...Sharon a coke with Sharon makes sense ;)

  5. haven't found my name or the kids -Did find William and one thet said I bought those for my two spot stars =D

  6. No I have not found Savannah yet! I don't drink much coke though so that could be why :)

  7. This is such an awesome idea. I love it and I did find my name. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Coke campaign are always fun! right now it is still worlcup bottles and cans we see here. hope these names come soon!


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