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Saturday, July 5, 2014

*#* #FIREWORKS *#*

Our  4th was full of Fussball Food and Fireworks!

It happens to be my Oma's birthday too so our family get's together with her in the after noon. This year it was all about World Cup though--They are from Germany so the noon game took over.

After Germany WON the kids decided to play a bit--the flower fountain in the middle of the yard adds a nice challenge LOL

Then after a great BBQ it was time to head back to our we could walk up to the TownPark for the FireWorks Show.

LOL it got cut out of this collage but my daughter was snapping 
a selfie the same tie I was getting a group shot! 

Our town always puts a good show on---This years they added about another 10 minutes. Sounded good--but towards the end there was so much smoke we barely could see the lower fireworks just a lot of loud *BOOM* BOOM *BOOMS!! One little boy setting near us was yelling "Their lighting up the sky" after a long row of them. A girl on the other side " WOW that was scary--DO IT AGAIN!!!" LOL


Here's a small sample:


  1. the rain kept us inside, and my husband turned on the game in middle... I was PISSED! lol. but at least we had fun :)

  2. We had our fireworks tonight and it was really nice. We had a garage sale on the 4th and 5th and a couple emergencies come up, nothing super bad, thank god! Have a great week.

  3. Nature gave us some fireworks this year--brilliant lightening flashes with very loud thunder! I found out one very interesting fact--my cat is not the least bit afraid-she sat on the windowsill and watched the show! At one point the rain was literally coming down and it was SIDEWAYS. I think the towns around here will be doing fireworks on the 12th instead--will I be going? No, I never do!

  4. What a lovely day. I think it's great that watching the game inspired the kiddos to play, too! It was such a beautiful day, to boot! It's great that everything came together so nicely.

  5. Those are nice fireworks. I don't know anything about sports, but I love a family day!

  6. I cant believe I fall asleep in the park my husband drove us back home and carry a snoring me to bed, oh well wonders of pregnancy.

  7. Oh! It was definitely a special day everywhere! Nice video! We also had a great time. Quiet but it was nice :(


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