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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fiber One Blueberry Streusel Bars with Toasted Marshmallow and Cherries!

Here's a tasty treat lower in calories!!

 Sheena  over at Hot Eats and Cool Reads shred--

What you need:
Fiber One Blueberry Streusel Bar
6 mini marshmallows
1 bing cherry, pit removed and sliced

Directions: CLICK on the blue words below for more =D

Fiber One Blueberry Streusel Bars with Toasted...

We all could use a lower calorie dessert or snack option. Using Fiber One Streusel Bars, that's a total possibility, either eating it just out of the package, or creating a streusel hack recipe. It's such simple twist making a semi homemade dessert and takes a fraction of the time compared to a regular recipe.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love simple recipes.

  2. I am going to make this one for the grandchildren! Thank you for the great recipe.

  3. I great way to get more fiber into my husband without him knowing.

  4. Never thought to add toasted marshmallows to much of anything-great snack!


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