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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Un-taco Salad & Savings! #OldElPasoMealDeal...

On taco night I'll make these for myself and my son. He's not a huge fan of taco shells and this way I'm not making up a whole new meal for him. Check out the recipe shared on I'll Take a Bite

The Un-taco Salad & Savings! #OldElPasoMealDeal...

 This is exactly what It sounds like. Basically undoing a taco and putting it on a plate. I am trying to stay away from white breads, corn breads and taco shells right now, as part of my health makeover. I found that I really have to get creative with my meals. For this meal I simply cooked up a frozen package of fajita mix from Old El Paso and mixed it in with a bag of Fresh Express lettuce. Then topped everything with some Light Peppercorn Ranch dressing. For dessert I indulged in a little bit...Read More

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  1. Your un-taco salad looks yummy! I feel hungry just by looking at the photo. :)

  2. We do "untaco night" at our house often during the summer. It works great with Mexican seasoned chicken too! Enjoy getting healthy.

  3. That is how i eat tacos.. i do not like the drip page we get from holding it in my hands.

  4. I think I eat un-tacos all the time without even realizing it haha! That is so awesome. We usually do it when we run out of tortillas.

  5. Sounds like a great option for people trying to avoid too many carbs. Love it.


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