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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday~Ice Rink~

The FIRST....

first wordless post of the new year
first time on the ice for my kiddos

over all I believe they had a blast...THEY are begging to go again!!!!!


  1. LOL. . . "THEY" are begging to go again. Does that mean you are not? We went for the first time last year and I clung to the wall for a very long time. And both kids wanted to hold a hand. So, I can't take them both by myself! My hubby has taken them a couple times by hisself. Looks like your kids had fun!

  2. Looks AWESOME!!! My oldest recently went to an ice skating birthday party- she had a blast!

  3. OH what fun! I can hardly wait until our son is old enough to take the ice!

  4. I only went ice skating was such fun!


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