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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sterno S'Mores #review #TryazonParty #SmoresAnytime

The 4th of Juy is always  a big family BBQ - Independence of course but it's also my Grandmothers Birthday. 
 Our gatherings are full of food family and FUN! We love our backyard games. Badminton is one almost the whole family can enjoy, card games, and we added a few smore new games to the mix. We had a Marshmallow toss...much like the washers toss game but we replaced the washers with sandwich baggies full of marshmallows. We also took on  Chubby Bunny a marshmallow game made famous by Rebel Wilson. WATCH HERE 

Our stuffed Cheeks!!!

 Our neighborhood has a rule against open fire pits so having s'mores is not usually on the agenda at our house  yet as the sun started to set we got our S'mores kit ready.
Our guest couldn't believe it! S'MORES TIME!!!
The tray has great sections to hold each part of the s'mores. It comes with heat cans (also available for purchase separately)  and two stainless steel roasting forks.



We had a large gathering so it took a little while for everyone to get a chance, but in the end we had cooked up a bunch of deliciousness !A new s'more recipe we tried out and was a BIG hit was Salty Caramel Bacon- graham+crisp bacon+chocolate w/ caramel bar +marshmallow = YUM!

The great folks at Tryazon who hooked me up with this great product also sent over another kit for me to give away. This kit was so awesome every one wanted it so I had to be fair. To win the extra s'mores kit I had  mini marshmallows in a mason jar and guest had to  guess the number in the jar.

A little more about the product we tried out. Sterno’s new Family Fun S’mores Maker is taking this treat to the next level. Being a long time leader in the camping and food service industry, Sterno has developed this handy, innovative, easy-to-use device for any household. Using their removable heat cans, you can make as many S’mores as you wish. Indoors or out, this is the perfect way to fulfill that intense craving! 
You can find these on Amazon.



  1. what a fun gathering! S’mores are the perfect highlights!

  2. What a fabulous holiday with family and friends! I love the S'mores and "chubby bunny" festivities. Awesome!


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