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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Celebrating National Coloring Day and little learning SHhhhhhh don't tell the kids THEY THINK IT's FUN!

 I love to color...always have  but I never new there was a National Coloring Day. August 2nd is - Amazing right!  Although around here we are still enjoying Summer Vacation  it is getting closer to the dreaded BTS time.... so I'd thought I'd share  these unique ideas for making coloring an educational experience for kids. [shhhhhh if it's fun they don't think of it as learning ]

There are some great sites that can help- Educents  has traditional coloring books. They also  offers educational activity books and downloadable pages that encourage learning while coloring.  There are a verity of subjects such as math, history, letters, geography, art and more. Super to keep minds sharp for the Summer on road trips  and is a wonderful tool for Homeschooling too.

these printables  are fabulous tools, because they can
be used along many stages. Introduce with just coloring, then
exploring sounds, finally there are lines for handwriting.
If you have multiple ages slide the sheets in a page protector and
 use dry erase markers to color and trace again 
and again 

Some are free others start at about $3 for a package.

Get your creative juices flowing  with Debbie Lynn's new gigantic coloring poster- it's amazing! Coloring is good for the soul and good for all ages- plus, showcasing the final product is an inexpensive way to decorate your house. Color the poster with Debbie Lynn's long-lasting pens and colorful markers.

photo from Debbie Lynn inc facebook page

Just look how lovely!
Imagine how good it would
look using these BOLD colors!

 Coloring is therapeutic for all ages- treat your kids to this special personalized  gift!  See Me is the leader in personalized books and gifts- any child will love their adorable coloring sets with their own name on it. Plenty of bundle options to choose from- fairies, farms, and rocket ships and more.

Just think of the hours of fun your child will have 
reading, coloring and completing all the 
actives in these books.

So next week Tuesday 8/2  be sure to get your color on!  I know we will.


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