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Friday, July 29, 2016

@SeventhGen Healthy Baby Home Party- Generation Good

As a member of the Generation Good community,I was thrilled to host  a Healthy Baby Home Party.  I was sent an awesome package of free products tp try with my Mom Group. 
We had such a great time talking about creating the best pure clean environment and how important it is for our families especially our babies.

Many Mom were surprised to  learn cleaning product companies are NOT currently required to list all ingredients on the package because there are no regulations in place. can you believe that!! Time for companies to #comeclean!

Seventh Generation believes you have the right to know what's in the products you buy. They take great pride in over 25 years of 
 creating powerful plant-based solutions for your home & family.

A few products we discussed were wipes & diapers. 

Specially designed to care for your baby and planet Free & Clear Wipes deliver the clean you need with the gentle care your baby's skin deserves.
  • Free of alcohol, fragrances & dyes
  • Free of parabens and phthalates 
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Thick, strong and generously-sized

I like how thick they are --you get a GREAT wipe the first time.  Free & Clear Baby wipes use 70% less plastic than our original wipes, thanks to the use of plant materials. 

Combined premium absorbency with a snug, comfy fit around the legs and adjustable, re-sealable tabs Free& Clear diapers keeps babies skin protected and dry. They are available in a print or un-printed style.

  • Made for your baby's sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic diapers
  • 0% lotions and fragrances
  • Ultra-absorbent core free from chlorine bleaching
  • FSC-certified

We discussed a few other products and how they have improved over the past year-

 Laundry -  while still supplying the awesome safe clean they have  upgraded 100 oz. bottles to use 20% plant-based plastic made from sugar cane for greater strength—and they're still fully recyclable!  Over 90% of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with  laundry detergent are from heating the water and drying the clothes during use at home. The EnergySmart line of products is even more effective in cold water than  previous detergents to help save energy by reducing the need for washing in hot or warm water.

photo credit  7th generation blog

It's time for companies to #comeclean about the ingredients they use in their products!
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  1. I love Seventh Generation! After a lot of trial and error, we finally landed on Seventh Generation as our go-to for laundry detergent and cleaning products. They are rated well by the EWG and their products actually work!

  2. That is pretty interesting that cleaning products don't have to list everything that is in them. I wish they did. Some of it can really give you a headache. Hurrah for companies like Seventh Generation that actually do care about more than just profit.


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