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Monday, January 4, 2016

A Fresh New Year #HouseholdEssentials #HomeHacks with @Snuggle_Bear #NewYear #Review

Candles and incense, aren’t for everyone-my Hubby always complains these give him headaches. And if you’re on a tight budgets, no need to spend the additional dollars. For keeping your home fresh, look no further than your laundry room! Check out some of these helpful hacks to keep your house smelling fresh every day.        

  •           Filter and freshen your home: When hosting guests for casual dinner or game nigh welcome people in with freshness. Simply place sheets discretely around the home, like under couch cushions, in baskets, or within decorative pillowcases, to keep your house pleasant and inviting.
  •          Freshen from the bottom up: Place a fabric softener sheet in those stinky gym shoes to keep your bag smelling extra fresh for your workout. Or try placing a sheet in your sock drawer to keep your socks ready for that next long distance run or spin class.
  •          Say so long to SERIOUS smells: For a spill that is particularly odious, wipe up the spill, then place three layers of fabric softener sheets on top of the spot. Sprinkle coffee grounds on top of that. Overnight, the area will be totally deodorized.<--IF YOU HAVE PETS MUST TRY THIS!!!
  •         Reduce wrinkles in your favorite work shirt: Using fabric softener sheets helps reduce the number of wrinkles your laundry has and will keep that work shirt looking crisp.
  •          Camping gear freshener: Every time you roll up your sleeping bag, place a used fabric softener sheet in it to keep it smelling good. Keep your tent smelling good by putting several used fabric softener sheets in the tent before you pack it away.

New Snuggle Fresh Spring Flowers Fabric Softener Sheets will send you back (in mind anyway) to days of warmer temperatures  and comfortable cool breezes. With a sweet hint of flowers that  keep your fabrics smelling fresh and feeling soft for 30 days. Formulated with Snuggle’s Fresh Release scent droplets, these fabric softener sheets add that extra touch to your family’s laundry. The Exhilarations Island Collection Fabric Softener Sheets is the first-ever collection from Snuggle inspired by tropical island paradise scents and essences and includes Island Dream Scent Booster and Island Hibiscus & Rain Flower.The scent is light not to strong yet kept a fresh clean smell on our towels for a long time! You’ll feel like you’re escaping winter for an exotic trip with each whiff, while softening, freshening and controlling static.



  1. Great tips. I use essential oils to help out with those odors.

  2. Some very useful tips for the fabric softener sheets TY

  3. I use fabric softener sheets for caked on food on my pans and dishes. Just soak it overnight with a dryer sheet and all the gunk comes right off.

  4. Hum--never thought to use laundry softener sheets as an air freshener. It actually makes sense! And it helps take away stains when combined with coffee grinds--I have to try that one.

  5. I have used these as tips for stink in shoes back in college.

  6. I love little hacks that save me money. Candles are nice but are a waste of money really. Using other things you already have around the house saves so much!

  7. I'm totally trying that fabric sheet and coffee overnight trick. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  8. These are awesome tips. I'd like to try the fabric softener sheets trick.

  9. These look great - and I love your tips, especially the one for removing stains. Kaz


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