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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#SpringDIY CRAFT great for Mother's Day Gift.

RECYCLED POST-Great Green Craft Idea-

A while back I posted this craft my kids made with  our Children's Church group. It's the interspersion for this great Mother's Day DIY Craft post. It's a super fun craft to do on Earth Day, My daughter and her cousin were all to happy to help put a photo tutorial together.

Here's the inspiration piece


Clear contact paper
Scissors/cutting board
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
craft sticks -at least 8 to make the frame...more if you include them in you picture
  For the "inside" should be a pretty flat objects you may have from other projects  stickers, shredded tissue paper, artificial flowers 
 item or two for the outside of the frame 
bowl of ice

First step--make sure you have a good clean clear surface to work near an outlet.

Next you have to glue four craft sticks
to make two frames... one for top
one for bottom.

 Then you are  going to cut squares from the contact paper sized to the square shape you make from the craft sticks. You'll need two one for the top and one for the bottom.

add your flowers -contact paper is sticky side up-...or what ever you like- the first project the kids did they used greens, this time my daughter wanted pretty color.

She broke craft sticks to make steams and added
the Crinkle Paper  as grass

then you place you frame on the contact paper sticky side
In this photo you can see sort of the
best way to make your frame is to make sure
the corners are done in a over on one
corner and under on the other pattern

you'll need to place two dabs of hot glue on your bottom frame and add the ribbon.


Having that bowl with a few ice pieces- HELPS

add glue to each corner so you can place the top frame (contact paper sticky side down)

Press together
you may have some edges to clean up, then you can add
the artificial flower, or in this case butterfly...

You see how cute the finished project looks!!!

Mom will love it!


  1. how pretty! I'd like to get one.

  2. How cute is that! Nice job. :)

  3. That's pretty! It's just like a mini-shadow box. This is a great idea, I could get pretty creative with something like this!

  4. This is super cute. I'll definitely have to keep this one the kids to try.

  5. Indeed, it is pretty. It really fits the occasion.

  6. Cute! My daughter would love this.

  7. Beautiful! I wish my kids were still at the craft stage. :)

  8. Cute idea, thank you for sharing.

  9. That turned out so cute! My daughter would love making one of these. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Such a cute idea! I needed an idea for a friends son to make for her, and this looks perfect!


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