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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Butterfly #EarthDay Craft DIY

Ripped paper butterfly,

( if your child is younger you'll have to do some prep work).
Glue/glitter glue or goolie eyes
Need Large Sizes black construction paper
scraps of colored paper
The first step is to cut out 2 butterfly shapes from the large black paper
one shape will stay full black the other you will cut out a wing pattern
Then have you child fill the solid black with the scraps of colored paper
Then you'll place the cut out butterfly over to revile the wing pattern
Use the glitter glue or google eyes to give your butterfly a face.

Here's one my son did...I've added decoupaged to the wings to give them a shine.

Paint Blot Butterfly
The is a very fun craft and turns out differently every time
You need
white paper
black marker
First step is to fold the paper in half and draw a butterfly body-you can leave the middle blank if you want to add pipe cleaners as the body later.

next let your lil one go to town on one side of the body with paints

the last step is to fold the paper again and let the paint make the same pattern on the other side

Soon you have a whole cluster of butterflies all around.




  1. I like the idea of making your own paint blot at home. I bet my kids would like this too!

  2. What a perfect way to celebrate today! I love all the fun bright and springy colors!

  3. That is super cute! It's perfect for earth day!!

  4. What fun crafts. I will have to do these with my preschooler.

  5. I love butterfly crafts and this one is so cute! Adding the mod podge will keep it nice!

  6. I totally love this project. It easy enough for both of my kids to do and it is beyond cute!

  7. This is a cute project. You could even use tissue paper to make sun catchers. I remember making something similar growing up.

  8. What a fun project and so simple. Will have to show to my son

  9. These are beautiful and cute!! Sharing with my son to do!!

  10. That is adorable. Really fun craft

  11. Love this idea! My daughter would love to see the designs after folding her butterfly. Definitely going to try this!

  12. sweet and fun. My daughter loves to make butterflies no matter what time of year it is :)

  13. I used to love doing these kind of crafts as a kid and doing them with my kids. This weekend I will have my niece's lil ones so we will be doing these crafts. Thanks for sharing.


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