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Thursday, June 27, 2013

#SummerFun 7 activities for some summer fun

Its Summer time---time for laying out in the sun, visits to the pool, and  having sleepovers and staying up late!!

Now a week into summer vacation and the kids are BORED  WHAT !?!?!

Here are 7 silly activities to do

    1. SaltScape in a jar 
    2. Homemade Body paint
    3. Build Crazy Can Stilts
    4. Have a Circus Parade -use body paint to give everyone a clown face
    5. go on a bug hunt
    6. have a tea party
    7. paint a sunset silhouette

    What kid-perfect actives  do you have planned??


  1. water balloon fights, zoo trips, useums and beach!

  2. We tend to do a lot of water activities, sprinklers, tag, etc...

  3. yep, lots of water activities living in Florida, it's just so hot.

  4. We are all over the bug hunts this year! And Saturday will be our first attempt at a lemonade stand. Wish us luck!

  5. Thanks for these great ideas! We will go to beach for sure!

  6. Such cute ideas. I love the BUG hunt. We are doing the beach the pool and Band this summer.

  7. My daughter will start band camp in a few weeks. I don't have any other scheduled plans. I work during the day and they are old enough to find things to do in the house.

  8. You have a list of great ideas here. I really think it will come in handy for all of those with kiddos. I hope you have a great rest of the summer!

  9. Great summer fun ideas!! The clown parade is my favorite.

  10. oh that is beautiful artwork! nice idea for kids summer activity.


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