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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happiness is ...{{Cooking with Oma}}

My daughter  has fallen in love--- with cooking!!

This is really the best way to the feet of a master- what was really funny-was she did it all while wearing Oma's shoes-
~~~She literally was trying to fill her shoes!!!~~~
Here's where the truth will show... DOES OPA LIKE IT???????

HE DID!!!!!!


  1. You're right...the best way to learn! And a great way to spend time with your grandparents and make memories that will hopefully last forever.

  2. Ho adorable! What a wonderful memory, and a great way to spend time with a grandma. I especially loved that she was wearing grandma's shoes!!! : )

  3. In grandmas shoes--how sweet!

  4. That's awesome. Cooking is a great way to connect with families, for sure. Love it that she even try those shoes :)

  5. I love this post! Takes me way back to when my grandmother took me under her wing and let me work with her in the kitchen (something I now do with my own).

  6. Awe Pamela... so heartwarming to see your daughter learning traditions from her oma. My daughter (6), my mother-in-law and I do a lot of cooking together and we love! my won't stay out of the kitchen and loves to cook! With His grace, much peace and many blessings, Carla

  7. Oh you have a little cook on your hands, that is so cute!

  8. It's wonderful to start cooking at a young age! Why don't you put her in charge of dinner one night per'll get a night off of kitchen duty!


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