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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Oliver and Jumpy #ChildrensBook #Review

I will start out with a positive notes about the stories. I think the unique friendship between the cat and the kangaroo is sweet. I like the fact that Oliver is allergic to mice but he still likes to chase them and let them go. The pictures in the book would definitely capture any childs eye. Over all the storylines are simple and would be easy for a young child to understand.

I have two constructive criticisms for the author - many of the pages have  A LOT of text, all boxed together---even if the same amount of words were separated throughout the page I think it would be a better look-- also the approach to some of the topics may not go over very well with many parents...a smoking hog, while Oliver points out its a gross habit-I think the picture of the hog with the  cigar is unnecessary--just smoke coming from the side of the page would have go the idea across with out the cigar being shown. Also later in the story Oliver comments he likes to flatter Jumpy because most girls like it--I think really EVERYONE like to be flattered now and again. 

Over all I give the collection a 4 of 5 stars.



  1. I have a niece who is learning to read, I'll recommend this book to her!

  2. Looks like a cute book, but I think the cigar thing might turn me off too. Great review - I appreciate your honesty!

  3. Reading your review makes me miss the days when my kids enjoyed these types of books.

  4. Very cute book and review ... I am not sure I care for smoking being in a children's book, but I do have the desire to read it myself to see if it is one my children would like.

  5. I agree that the pages look a bit too wordy for kids that age. The cigar thing would turn me off too.

  6. Aw...sweet book. And I totally hate when they bunch words together like that on pages. Especially for kids

  7. Sounds like you think the book was written in a bygone era.

  8. The pictures look great, very bright. I agree that I don't want a smoking character in a children's book. Especially not with everything we know about how bad smoking is for you. Good review. Thank you.

  9. I think children's books need to be easier to look at than adult books. As it is, we as adults don't like boxed text. thanks for sharing your review. Does look like a great book though.


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