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Friday, September 23, 2016

How to have OODLES of FUN at a baking party w/ #SweetCreations by @GoodCookcom #Oodletip #ad

Sweet Creations is newest product line under the Good Cook brand. They are the “life of the party” and make it their mission is to celebrate the baking experience with all home bakers by bringing new and creative edible ideas to the kitchen. 
Sweet Creations holds over 200 great products and seasonal lines to inspire their baking consumers. The lines include Everyday, Halloween,  Spring, Summer and the BIG BAKING TIME CHRISTMAS! 
I was pleased as a member of Tryazon, I was picked to host a party sampling a few of these wonderful products.
Their dedicated team develops and designs products that are unique, innovative, easy to use and full of fun personality. One of the products our party was highlighting was Oodletips, NOT being a master at icing anything  we all watched a few of the HOW TO video's for some guidance.

We are fans of Cupcake war show....I set up our party with that as inspiration. 
We split our guest up into two group and they each had a turn in the kitchen trying out the great tool from Sweet Creation and putting their baking creativity to use. Some made Cupcakes  others made cookies.

  While one group was baking we had  a large cupcake ring toss, and a baking word-search for the other to do. Then after all the baking was done we had  presentations and eating time.



There were a few who could not attend the party. Thankfully Sweet Creation has an adorable line of carry away boxes. We packed a few to pass out to the friends and family who couldn't make the party.

For more information on the Sweet Creations lineup of products, please visit their website  and be sure to follow their social media accounts, to keep up with the all the latest-Facebook & Pinterest

Thanks to Tryazon for the opportunity to sample these great products.

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