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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Holiday Season Must-Have Toys for Kids and Pets #HolidayGiftGuide

It's that time of year again- Time to MAKE YOUR HOLIDAY SHOPPING LIST!!!

For the past few years I've made it my mission to be 75% done with my lists by Thanksgiving. 

Also  being  mindful of our budget; I have to find gift I know the kids will like! What good is it to find a toy that $10 but your child NEVER picks it up again after Christmas.

No matter what age you are shopping for there are some basics features you can look that will always impress 
  • active play
  • cutting-edge tech,
  • classic role-play fun
  • end-of-day soothers

Active play-

Firetek Zeon Bow ($14.99, Ages 5+) From Zing
Illuminate the night with the Firetek Zeon Bow, an all-new bow and arrow combo that’s just two thirds the size of the best-selling Firetek Bow, making it perfect for younger kids

NEW Hog Wild Poppers ($9.99 each, Ages 4+) From Hog Wild

Hog Wild is introducing a new collection of Poppers to their already popular Poppers line, which has sold 5.5 million Poppers to date! Hop in on the mythical madness with the best selling Unicorn Popper, the fire breathing Dragon Popper and the mysterious Big Foot Popper! Or pop back into prehistoric times and horn in on the fun with the Triceratops Popper and the bird of play, the Pterodactyl Popper. Squeeze the belly and watch one of the six soft foam balls shoot up to 20 feet high! The harder you squeeze, the higher they

Role-Play Toys -

Cozy Comforts Kitchen ($35, Ages 3+) From American Plastic Toys This ultra modern kitchen features the latest in realistic kitchen design -For a great value  American Plastic Toys has just the classic role-play toys that are always a holiday favorite.Just look at all the details that are just like Moms real kitchen-
 including a single-cup coffee machine, a smartphone, recycling bins plus much more~

Cutting-edge tech-

Stikbot Studio ($4.99 Single pack /$9.99Studio Pack ages 4+) from Zing - is a new social media toy with a free app that lets kids easily create awesome stop-motion videos starring the neon Stikbot figures.  Using the #Stikbot hashtag, kids can share their videos on social media. 

 IDO3D Art Studio sets ( $24.99 ages 8+) from Redwood Ventures  MUST ADMIT I REALLY WANT THIS FOR MYSELF ;} It uses technology to bring amazing artwork to life! These specially crafted drawing pens contain 3D printing ink that magically transforms liquid into solid in just seconds. Use the pen to draw numerous designs, either from their own imagination or from the 3D Guidebook included with the set.

End-of-day soothers-

SuperMax the Turtle ($21.95, All Ages) From Cloud b Establishing a bedtime routine is very important. This set includes a wonderful story of how Max went from an regular turtle to a super turtle lighting up even the darkest of nights! What I think is EXTRA  SPECIAL about this is Cloud b is donating portions of the proceeds  to help children battling critical illnesses.

Pet families are 98 million strong in America and looking for that special something, too:
Chuck It! Ultra Sling ($18 and extra floats $6 ) brings fetch play to a new dimension. I like there are two way to toss-on land and in the water.

I hope this guide will help get you in the Holiday Shopping Spirit. =)


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