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Friday, November 6, 2015

@FinallyBulbs Makes Sense & Saves You Dollars! #lighting #energyefficiency #review

Give light and people will find the way." - Ella Bake

The Finally Light Bulb Company has done just that, they created Acandescence, an innovative lighting technology for everyday home use, which reliably recreates the same light as an incandescent without the energy waste or excessive cost. 

The light it produces is both eco and consumer-friendly, easy on the wallet and comfortable on the eyes. That's a WINNER in my book!

With roots in induction technology, Acandescence uses a copper coil – not a tungsten filament or an electrode – to generate light. Last 15 times longer – providing up to $75 worth of savings over its lifetime. Formed in the recognizable and attractive Edison light bulb shape no more spaghetti bulbs!

When you fist put the bulb i and turned it on  I noticed  it tool about 5 seconds to reach full brightness. Starting at under $10 I'm going to invest in a few more. Not too many though the dark dingy bulbs I was using  was great for hiding all my dust-now that I've illuminated the room I'm needing to clean more! =}

Finally Light Bulbs are available for purchase on their site as well as sites like,,  and Amazon

I really like their tag line- "We didn't invent the light bulb. We just made it better."

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