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Friday, November 6, 2015

Gift for the Tech Toddler #BabysBrilliant Books with interactive app #HolidayGiftGuide

Children everywhere are so  absorbed in electronics. Now as parents we have to find a way to balance their screen time with educational play.

The Baby’s Brilliant app is available for FREE download on the iTunes store provides wholesome, educational content to children to have educational fun. Baby's Brilliant has also open up reading books creating using the app they can have fun with the story.  Books are available to use with an interactive app  for $.99 (Kindle Edition) or $7.00 (paperback) at 

Such books include Nigel the Pug, an adorable pup that your young ones will want to hug and cuddle immediately. Your son or daughter will hang on every word as they are taken on a sweet journey with this lovable pug who will delight and entertain your little ones.
A Huggly-Wuggly-Pug is another  book about a cute pug who goes about his day looking for Huggly-Wuggly hugs. 

The stories themselves are  great to add to any readers library...but the interactive app sure made the story even more appealing to Miss Molly and Lil Ryan and if it meets their approval its a WINNER!!

Baby's Brilliant's first read-along Bible Study book will be coming soon.

As an additional service, Baby’s Brilliant offers parents on the road, grandparents in another town or loved ones who don't live nearby, the ability to record their own voice reading the story. For a small fee, the Baby’s Brilliant team will edit their voice into the presentation. This is perfect for the upcoming holiday season – and a heartwarming gift for any child with a family member who is away from home.


  1. I am in the market for apps to download when we fly to my parents' house for Christmas with my one-year-old. Thank you for this!

  2. cute! My toddler loves reading books on my kindle


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