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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Give the gift of courtesy, kindness, and consideration with @gollygee_pers Manners in the Bag

Family mealtime is SO important; yet teaching your kids proper etiquette can be a daunting task.
This holiday season, stuff stockings with the new Table Manner Cards.This will make the  family gatherings more bearable. 

 Table Manners Cards encourages diners really watch themselves at the table. Once introduced, kids will want them at every meal!  It’s fun for the whole family and keeps everyone politely engaged!

Rules of play are quite simple there is a card keeper at meal time-they watch for good manners-this will be rewarded with a THUMBS UP CARD...if there is a mistake or "bad" manner a THUMBS DOWN CARD is given.The diner with the most thumbs up and the least thumbs down wins. Great for a large gathering -Even if there is just one child-the cards can give encouragement-give  a goal like make it though dinner with 4+ thumbs up and 1 thumbs down  fill out a weekly chart with Happy Face stickers, if they can earn 5+ stickers small prize

No matter how you play the game there are NO LOOSER because everyone wins when we ALL have good manners!

You can find the cards on the website and Amazon.



  1. these are adorable! A definite stocking stuffer idea for my family! Thanks

  2. This seems like my type of game thanks! Do you know what the ideal age range is?


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