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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Simple Sugars Body Scrub #Review

I was please to  try the new must-have product for all of summer from Beauty Brands  — a fabulous sugar scrub from Simple Sugars in a -- Vanilla Grapefruit scent (exclusive to Beauty Brands).

 From investor Mark Cuban and creator Lani Lazzari, as seen on “Shark Tank”!  Check out the story  REALLY MUST READ SO INSPIRING!

First the packaging is so sweet!!  I love when a company pays attention to the small details like adding a bow on top and a scooping spoon inside!

About the Scrub
1.  The way the lush, sweet tropical vanilla and bright summery grapefruit scents mingle in the formula and turn your shower into a mini-vacation. ~~BE AWARE the scrub contains oils so shower will gets slippery!

2.  The all-natural yet gentle exfoliation and deep hydration that together give skin a two-in-one treat that’s so effective no moisturizer or lotion is needed.   

3.  The list of ingredients, including pure cane sugar, organic soybean oil, grape-seed oil, cherry kernel oil, apricot kernel oil and organic grapefruit zest make it almost like the fixings of a great meal--.Reserve this recipe for the smoothest arms, legs, shoulders and feet this summer.

Starting at $15 this scrub  will save you  $$$ on $pa visits =^D


love to hear your thoughts......

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