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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Fun 2013

Ready to GO
A lil rain cannot stop them!!
Fun Photos of the night!


Did your Boo's and Ghoul's have a great night???


  1. LOL at your daughter's face with the candy, that about sums up how I used to feel with bucket fulls of candy around me, hahaha.

    We had a rainy night, but still fun. :)

  2. Oh how fun!! I think the older they are the more fun they have....Although, my little one had so much fun being Buzz Lightyear yesterday and last night!!

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time. I had one home sick with Strep so not so fun

  4. It looks like everyone had a blast, and look at all that loot! They made out well for themselves!

  5. The rain couldn't stop us either. My peanuts had a great time. A little wet, but fun.

  6. My kids had a great time Trick or Treating. It started sprinkling about an hour into it but in that hour they got a bag full of candy!

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