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Sunday, October 27, 2013

What I'm Pinning this week...RAINBOW LOOM!!!

This week I've had two main topic's I've been pinning--Wedding (my Aunt is getting married) and Rainbow Loom!!! I posted a few post back about the newest "GOT TO HAVE IT TOY!!" and after my daughter go the basic pattern down she wanted to be  challenged---
so off to you-tube and Pinterest.

 a great verity and different challenge levels

Bracelet by Kelly Alfieri from Vineland, NJ
How to Make a Double Triple Loom Bracelet
Fall mum flower- Rainbow Loom fun!

There is really and endless assortment of resources out there---

Made By Kayleigh -following Made by Mommy's Candy Corn on the Rainbow Loom #RAINBOWLOOM #HALLOWEEN

Made By Kayleigh 
-following Made by Mommy
 Candy Corn and pumpkin  

some of the more challenging patterns-
-the double triple is one of my faves

Made by Kayleigh  Charms make the rainbow loom extra fun!

adding charms 

Made by Kayleigh Pink and White for Breast Cancer Awareness

Looming for  Breast Cancer Awareness.

She's made a bundle of these and sold them and the 
cash is being donated to the Susan G Komen WNY branch.
Rainbow Loom On

What have you been pinning???


  1. I love the Blues in the Bloom above!

  2. I just bought this kit for my daughter and I actually had to YouTube a tutorial to make a simple bracelet!! Lol

  3. We saw something similar on TV this week and my daughter asked for it. This looks great. Thanks!

  4. I've been pinning fall things, but we're getting a rainbow loom and will need some ideas and tutorials. Hope my son isn't too late to jump on the looming bandwagon. lol The flower one is super cute!

    1. I don't think it's too late--- the toy is going to be a hot item for the holidays for sure---toys of ideas on Pinterst and You-Tube =D

  5. I've never heard of looms till now! I need to spend more time on Pinterest it seems! Lol! So many great finds on there. These bracelets are too cute! And sound like they are fun to make. Love the Rainbow Loom. Very pretty!

  6. They are really cute, and seem pretty easy to do...maybe;)

    1. there are EZ loom patterns and then some a a lot harder...

  7. Gorgeous! What are they made of? Yarn? I'm trying to get my teens into stuff like this--their heads are buried in books at the moment, aarrgghh!!

    1. BOOKS are NEVER a bad thing LOL ---The bracelets are rubber-bands--

  8. What cute ideas for using these! Rainbow Loom is like this year's Furby, lol!

    1. yep--- there's always something...but my daughter just couldn't wait until Christmas-she's paid for it herself.


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