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Monday, October 14, 2013

Pretty Playful #WEBSITE REVIEW

Pretty Playful Whirly Skirts and Double-Twirls Skirts are colorful and fun so our little girls love them, and well-made and modest enough that their moms love them too...

As a Mom finding great skirts that you  daughter will love and never want to take off can become challenging as they grow up! NOT anymore thanks to   Pretty Playful

They have a super site where you can pick out your prints HOW FUN!!! Some  sets are made up already too.

SALE 1 Yard Jucy Scents from Sugar by  Art by SecretScrapStash, $3.99SALE 1 Yard  White Champs Elysees Dreaming in by SecretScrapStash, $3.99

Whirly Girly Skirt Set in Sitting Pretty Kitty by PrettyPlayful, $49.00Orange Crush Pillowcase Swing Dress using Joel Dewberry Fabrics

These are just a few that I fell in love with ...twirl on over and see what catches your eye! They have been so sweet to offer ReviewsSheROTE readers a coupon code  SHEROTE20 for 20% off the etsy site!!

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  1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful mention! I just made some new skirts yesterday - it's always a good sign when my daughter requests they go into her closet :)


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