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Monday, September 30, 2013

"GO TO HAVE IT!! " Rainbow Loom Toy REVIEW

My daughter saw the  TV add and "HAD TO HAVE IT!!!"
We saw it at a few craft stores --but they wouldn't accept Q's on the loom =( So we check out Amazon and found a nice bundle set-- The loom and over 2000 bands for @ $20
 I like how it has endless possibilities and keeps her busy for hours. Only negative I have is the price--as my daughter was the one paying she didn't mind as much--yet her and I both agree  some band storage included as part of the loom would be nice.

 what we got it kept her busy for hours!


  1. I remember loving the original loom when I was young--of course with ours we made pot holders or squares. This is an interesting concept--looming with rubber bands (ours were cloth-not rubber-but sometimes stretchy). And those bracelets you can make look cute--

  2. Perfect to encourage children's creativity! I will buy a box or two of Rainbow Loom for my goddaughter for holiday present.

  3. I saw these in Ollie's ad and was going to go get some for my older daycare kiddos for Christmas but they were not $20. I should have went and got them for sure, I bet the girls would have loved them.

  4. Looks like the perfect gift for my nieces! :)

  5. That does look cool. My daughter makes these rubberband bracelets by hand somehow. I'll have to show her this loom.

  6. Those are a hit! My daughter saw them while we were on vacation this summer and was totally won by them!
    See you around and thanks for stopping by my blog

  7. I remember doing something like this when we were kids! How fun this is!

  8. Fun! Your post reminded me of Silly Bandz and had to search my Amazon order history to make sure! All my nieces are over that stage of accessorizing. All into gadgets now. Barely talks!

  9. How fun! It is nice to see the crafts can still compete with gadgets:)


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