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Monday, September 9, 2013

Perky Plus ~~Product Review~~

Product Description
Engineered by professional carpet cleaners, Perky PLUS  has been formulated to
 tackle all types of everyday home spills and messes.  With over 35 years of experience
 making stain removers and carpet cleaning supplies, Perky PLUS  is perfect for
 the everyday modern family.  Unlike other carpet stain removers that use a
 spray top to treat the surface of the stain, Perky stain removers fight the source
 of the stain in the carpet & pad with an advanced squirt top that not only dissolves 
the stain but also neutralizes odors on contact giving your carpet and fabrics that
 brand new look and smell.  Groom Industries has been manufacturing professional cleaning
 supplies for over 35 years and have just recently developed these fantastic cleaning
 products and stain removers for the general public. Visit the website for more information.  

Perky is approved by the EPA's Design for Environment program.

My test

this is a juice stain that has been here for about two days.

the spot
applying,let sit for about 2 to 3 minutes-rinse with wet towel- and brushing to fluff the carpet back up LOVE THAT!
 I left the edges of the spot untouched for the photo-so you could really see how well the product works. If it can get out a two day old spot-its a MUST BUY!

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