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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thats SILLY!!!!

Well yesterday I was working on a Veggie Soup for lunch this afternoon. My Son came it to see what I was cooking. He came in just as I was adding the  navy beans... "are you putting in smart beans!!"

Not a lil info you must know--"smartbeans" are something  his reading teacher hads out when they do a good job in class---

He continued his thoughts-as I try ed to imagine jellybean soup..." I really like smart beans! The orange are orange of course, the blue are berry, whites are clouds and the purple taste like toothpaste!"  THAT was my opening " toothpaste... you want me to put THAT in our soup?"
He looked at me "OF course not the purple ones THAT WOULD


  1. Too funny. Isn't it interesting what motivates kids to behave in school? My daughters class has clothes pins you dont' want to move for good behavior.

    Thanks for sharing this funny story.


  2. Haha cute! Sounds like he has a fun teacher! Wow, what a shock he would get if you made soup out of that! LOL!

  3. I love the cute things our children say


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