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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dr Oz. 28 Day Plan Final Days

Comming to the end of Dr.Oz's 28 Day plan...I hope you've enjoyed all these tips as much as I have. Doing them all REALLY can make  a great improvement in you MIND, SOUL, and BODY!

DAY 26  STRETCH!!!!!!

It will improve your flexibility, of course—but it will also make you stronger. All you need is seven to ten minutes every morning when you get out of bed. You can make up your own routine or use Dr. Oz's

The Hippie

Pretend your head weighs 500 pounds, and let it pull you down. Bend one knee and hold for 15 seconds, then change legs

The Pecs Flex

As you lift your hands as high as possible, squeeze your shoulder blades together and open your chest.

The Leaning Tower

Try to elongate your body by creating the greatest amount of distance possible between your left pinkie and your left heel. Hold for 15 seconds, then switch sides

Day 27 Pledge NEVER to be Hungry!!

Trying to find a nutritious snack when you're on the go is setting yourself up for failure and to spend CASH you don't need to-- Instead, make it a point to always travel with satisfying eats- seeds- sunflower and pumpkin are great. Nuts like  almonds, peanuts, or pistachio...mix them up to make a great trail mix. Take a piece of fruit or veggies with a little dip. You'll be doing your body and wallet good.

and back to the first day we started with...but its worth repeating

Day 28 Spread Kindness

Help a stranger with directions. Hold the elevator doors. Unburden someone struggling to hoist groceries into the car. You know lending a hand can boost your mood, but it cascades outward, influencing up to three more degrees of helpful people- PAY IT FORWARD

Need to catch up on any of the day---CLICK HERE


  1. Aww man! I seriously am eat cookie dough right now...doesn't that count as a nutritious snack? However, I did swim this morning and stretched...Can that balance it out? :)

  2. These are great stretches, a reminder I need to do them more often (along with exercising!)

  3. I love the illustrations! And Pam, my head really does weight 500 pounds in the morning which makes getting out of bed REAL difficult!

  4. Those stretches are amazing...feel sooooo good!



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