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Monday, February 3, 2014

Moms' Night Out: Official Trailer

National Mom’s Nite Out will take place on Thursday, May 8, 2014, and will be bigger than ever as we partner with AFFIRM films ( a division of Sony Pictures) and Provident Films on the release of ‘Mom’s Night Out’. What started as a single Tweet encouraging moms to join together to celebrate motherhood has grown into a national event and now a motion picture. Moms all over the US will be able to celebrate National Mom’s Nite Out on May 8th and then take the family to see ‘Moms’ Night Out’ the movie on May 9th.

As a member of MomSelect I please to share this information. We’re ready to kick off the fun of National Mom’s Nite out and continue the excitement through May! Join us in celebrating motherhood as the most rewarding- yet toughest- profession out there! What better way to take the night off than getting together with your friends to see ‘Mom’s Night Out’? 

How Fun does this  movie look!!?? 
What would be your DREAM MOMS' NIGHT OUT?? 
Will you be having a Moms' Night Out?? With who and what will you do?? 


  1. That movie does look like fun! I'm personally not a mom so I can't really join in the festivities but a girls' night out of my dreams would include dinner at a nice restaurant and then heading to the local pub for some cocktails!

  2. OH MY!! I have to watch this!! In part it's because of Sarah Drew...but this movie is going to be awesome!

  3. I schedule a mom's night out every month. I am probably going to include goingt o see this movie.

  4. This looks like a great movie to go see with a bunch of mom friends. I can't wait until it comes out.

  5. i am definitely seeing that one with my girl friends.

    Michelle F.

  6. That's hilarious! I haven't heard of this movie, but I definitely want to see it.

  7. I absolutely love, love this movie :) I run Ladies Who Lunch Social Club & this will be our Girl's Night Out movie for sure :)

  8. I'll be looking forward to this movie. Will be sure to watch it with my mommy friends, haha! :)

  9. Looking forward to watch this one.. it is always nice to watch something that I could relate too :)

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  10. The movie is going to be stunning.........
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  11. lol at the end of that clip!!!

    This movie clip makes me remember why I'm scared of hiring babysitters, lol


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