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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happiness is...HALLOWEEN

We had a very wet Halloween (THANKS SANDY) but all things considered
(for once Buffalo area wasn't having the worst weather ever) 
it was  a Happiness moment for the week FOR SURE...

  Checking out the cool decorations. For some in our neighborhood this is just as important as Christmas!!!

The bubble house was very fun...when they would land on your hand a poof of smoke would come up.

By the end of the night we were joking with Officer Rote--that he was TRIP or Treating!! He must have  fell on the slippery leaves about 10 times!!!

the Officer and Swashbuckler checking out some of their loot.


  1. So cute, and wonderful memories! Looks like they got a good stash of candy, too. I am glad you are OK after Sandy!

  2. So glad you got a Halloween in. Glad you guys are okay.

  3. Great photos! The kids look like they had a blast-wet weather doesn't put a damper of the Halloween spirit!

  4. I guess the kids and grown-ups like Halloween just for the candy. And the sugar rush that comes with it. Glad to see you had fun.

  5. Awesome, love all that candy!

  6. Wow! Nice haul~! Our Halloween was moved to this coming Sunday. I hope it stops raining by then!

  7. Looks like they got a bunch of good candy!

  8. We had a cold, wet Halloween so they moved Trunk or Treating inside this year (and we didn't even attempt trick or treating). :)

    The costumes look great, and score! on the candy. :)


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