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Monday, November 5, 2012

HP e All-In-One Printer Party

Now a days there are so many reason a busy family has to have a great home printer- Moms printing out coupons, Dad has to print out important papers for work-or his fantasy football charts, and the kids always have school reports papers due.. Thats way I was thrilled to be selected as a MomSelect member to try out the  HP Deskjet 3052A Wireless e All-In-One Printer. The first reason was because I just thought the ideal of as long as you can e-mail a doc to your custom HP e-Print address you can print from ANYWHERE!  Also after a little research- I found its an Energy Star Product! Every little step to becoming more green in our home is a step in the right direction!

Me checking out my new printer

 Set up was VERY EZ and I'm the least techie of the family and I set it up by myself. I actually did a little HAPPY DANCE  for myself when I was done.Then I got to printing out some items sent to use for the party

need and invite so everyone knows about the party.
then getting some goodies ready for party guest to take home.

And great decorations to get everyone in the party mood!

my daughter was kind enough to help get the pillow boxes cut and I stuffed the Wal-Mart GC in them.
Here are the two recipes I shared with my guest---Chocolate Crunch Cupcakes and Taco Salad Dip.
Big Hits-the guest really enjoyed the recipe cards.

We had fun with our Surf the Web Scavenger Hunt
Our topic was Fall Family Fun. After a brief description of how to send a page to the HP Deskjet 3052A Wireless e All-In-One Printer the hunt began.   We had to form three teems as only a few of  the guest have smart phones or tablets. Everyone was amazed at how simple printing was from their devices. The team that was able to find the answers and print them out the fastest won the Wal-mart gift cards. They could use it towards  ink for their own printers, a few final Halloween decorations  or maybe even toward the printer it self. Right now the printer includes some  bonus soft wear-to make your own calander!!

If they are set for Halloween they can always get started on Christmas.

even the young ladies at the party went home with a treat
and another reason to beg Mom and Dad for a smart phone =)

Disclosure: These items were provided to me at no charge by HP and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions shared are 100% my own. 


  1. Sounds like you had fun! And that is neat about being able to print from anywhere!

  2. I'd love the recipe for those chocolate cupcakes. I miss stuff like this. We just don't have anything where I live and this year I was hankering for anything to do with a Halloween theme!

  3. Wow! That sounds really cool. I love that you can use it from any device and that it's eco-friendly!

  4. I love the idea of it being wireless, and I love that printed in color. We have a jet printer and I love it, but I miss being able to print in color, and I have no idea of how to network the printers so we can print from our laptops instead of having to be saddled at the desk top. Does it take one bar for ink, or separate cartridges? Just curious.

    The party sounded fun, I bet the teams were scrambling! :)

  5. Oooh, those cupcakes look so good! Especially the crunchiness on top:)

  6. I would love a new printer. Even more than that I would love a printer that I don't have to purchase ink or toner for. :)

  7. Love that the printer was easy to install. I wouldn't have to ask hubby for help with this one!


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