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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happiness is... a Pedicure

OK I might make a few of you made here....but read the whole post before you react!!

I've never been one to see what the big deal was about going to the nail salon and getting a manicure /pedicure  IMHO its a waste of money, I didn't even go to the salon on my Wedding Day (pick your jaws up off the ground) and that day would be the ultimate reason to pamper yourself silly!!!(Maybe after giving birth too )

But I know many people who do it monthly or weekly.-JUST NOT FOR ME.

My Aunt is a monthly visitor  and is always joking about how she'd get me in there one day!! Well true to her word she did. For my birthday she treated me to the Ultimate Pedicure Pack. (I could feed my family for a week with what she paid, but that's was her choice)

Here are some snaps of use having JUST a little TOOOO MUCH FUN!

You have to excuse the PJ's I thought we were just spending the day catching up on our DVR reality shows =^D

he didn't know he was going to be working so hard first thing in the morning.

We are both very ticklish on our feet ...and we had the heavy massage on our backs too!
 sorry its blurry laughing SO HARD!

in the end turn out very cute

I'm not sure I've jumped on the bandwagon 100%, but I can see a huge difference in my feet... there was some VERY ROUGH SKIN and now smooth as a baby's bottom. I may treat my self to a mini pedi again, that was priced considerably less. Its always a good idea for Mothers Day too =)


  1. I agree that it's an unnecessary indulgence in the whole scheme of things, but it does kinda perk you up and make you feel good. And don't we deserve that now and again?

  2. LOL! The laughing pictures are cute. I treat myself about once a year. In between I do it. I do have to clench my jar on the scrubbing and massaging. It would be kind of embarrassing not the have a buddy to laugh with.

  3. How fun! Pedicures are wonderful and not something I indulge in very often, but every time I do I wonder why I don't more. Like massages and facials and peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks! And yes, we do deserve it! Looks like you really enjoyed yourselves. :)

  4. I love all the pictures, esp with you both laughing that is to cute!

  5. I never got it either! Still don't, to be honest. My friend is bound and determined to get me in for a mani/pedi one day too...but I just can't stand the thought of someone touching my feet (I'm very ticklish!)lol

  6. The flowers are so cute. I'm not sure I want to draw that attention to my own feet though...hahaha.

  7. So cute.. love the flower petals on your pedi

  8. Cute. I haven't had one, but I sure wouldn't mind it as a mom's day gift. :)

  9. OH my gosh, look how cute!! I've never thought it something I needed to do (though I've considered it as a special treat for my daughter...and still may do it for her over the summer).

    Your post, however, has me re-thinking the whole thing. I love the final look!

  10. I don't go to nail salons often like others may do, but I do enjoy them! The going out of the house and getting some peace and quiet by myself is just heaven from time to time!

    Although a trip to the nail salon isn't as expensive here as it is there. If I recall correctly, a mani can cost you about $20? A price we pay in NJ when my sister treats me out. But I find it ridiculous! Why?

    Because I pay for a mani-pedi + foot spa here in the Philippines for just around $10!

    That's why whenever I go visit my sisters, I just ask for their nail file, clipper and that nail pusher thing and just do it myself. I'll have the $20 instead. :D

  11. I have had my nails done, but never my feet. I don't like anybody touching my feet, so it won't happen. (My feet are very, very ticklish)

    Stopping by from VoiceBoks!

  12. I love getting my nails done. I reckon foot spas are priced cheaper here in the Philippines. :)

  13. I love pedicures, but I don't get them very often. I always feel bad for the poor nail tech who has to battle my gross feet. I LOVE the flowers on your toes! I want that!

  14. very cute--I agree with you -a big waste of $$$$

  15. Oh I don't agree it is a waste of money.... It is so necessary for us goddesses to pamper ourselves and good grooming is one of those ways.... Your feet will thank you!


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