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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Was it worth a 13 year wait? #FindingDory #Movie #review

As soon as it was announced that Finding Dory was coming out my kids were like "WE 

MUST GO!!" So as it happened opening week was also the start of Summer vacation. 


~I received no composition for my review. It is 100% my own thoughts and feelings.

To answer the question I posed in the title-was it worth the wait-it mad a BIG SPLASH with 

my kids, so I say SHELL YES!

Movie opens with the cutest baby Dory and her parents working on finding some simple

 things she could wrap a fin around to help with her short term memory loss. Jenny &Charlie

 knew  she would need a few sandy landmarks to swim home toward if ever  the tides 


Now, as an adult, how we met her in Finding Nemo  Dory finds herself having little flashbacks 

 of memory¬tidbits about being caught up in an undertow as a child, and always following 

the shells, and a place called Moro Bay. And she tells Nemo and Marlin  "My family! They’re out 

there somewhere. I have to find them!"

So before she can lose everything she's suddenly remembered, Dory gently twists her friends fins into joining her on the trip... seems Finding Dory  is  Finding Nemo reborn; all signs point to a cross-ocean trek as led by the blue tang fish instead of the clown-fish. But the action very quickly moves from the deep sea to a marine life rehabilitation center off the northern California coast. A cast of marine life is introduced. I love hearing my kids reactions to the different voices they recognized-- the one that really cracked me up was my son said "MOM Dory's ELLEN!!!!!!!!!!!" 

 The adventure is different to watch then the one  in Finding Nemo- when Finding Nemo was released I was a brand new Mom, I whole hearty could feel Marlins pain of loosing his Son, with Finding Dory not only did she loose her parents--SHE FORGOT THEM!  I couldn't imaging loosing a child and not even knowing if they will remember you.

I think Pixar did Dory justice!!  I didn't want to read other reviews until after we had seen it ourselves. Most are positive and of the negative reviews I read (there were some) I think the writer compared Dory  to much to Finding Nemo. IMHO they are two different movies.  Its a worthy sequel but it does lack the awesome  visiual beauty of the Great Barrier Reef that was featured so exceptionally in Finding Nemo.

 This movie is very entertaining for the littlest viewers (I think the deeper lessons sails over their heads) and for the more mature viewer there is a grand message of dealing with loss, parental nurturing, friendship, dealing with 

handicaps and to use a  quote from the voice of Dory  herself the movie 

teaches us to- "be kind to one another."

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  1. OMG I've been dying to go see this movie! I need to find a local mommy and me movie theater >_< or we will probably be waiting for it on Redox.

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