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Friday, June 10, 2016

Thirst-Quenching Bevs for BBQ Season without the calories Thanks to @CascadeIceWater

Family Parties & BBQ Season is here and in full swing.

Try these delightful drink recipes from Cascade Ice.
 Skip the calories  and keep the flavor with some calorie-free, gluten-free, sodium-free and caffeine-free drink recipes. They will keep every party guest refreshed. 

Your party guest will love these refreshing drinks that can be whipped up in minutes. With all these great Cascade Ice flavors. Cascade Ice is available in over 30 great tasting varieties. Cascade Ice water is a sodium free, caffeine free, gluten free flavored sparkling water with a clean crisp, delicious taste.  Cascade Ice water eliminates all the unnecessary, unhealthy “extras” found in other flavored waters like sugar, sodium, carbs, caffeine and gluten – giving you pure, refreshing taste.

Melon Mixer

Time to buy that delicious watermelon you’ve been dreaming about all winter! Start with 3 oz of Cascade Ice Blueberry Watermelon. Then pour 1 oz of club soda. Add several slices of watermelon and blueberries and stir to release the fresh flavor. 

Pomegranate Icer

Pomegranates pack a punch of vitamins and anti-oxidants and now that they are in season, it’s a great time for this refreshing drink. First pour 4 oz of Cascade Ice Pomegranate Berry and 1oz of Cascade Ice Strawberry Lemonade into a glass with crushed ice. Top if off with fresh pomegranate seeds for the perfect touch and serve!


A BBQ isn’t complete without some ice-cold lemonade! Try the Coco-Lemonade for a new twist. Start with a chilled glass full of ice and add 3 oz of Cascade Ice Coconut and 4 oz of Cascade Ice Lemonade. Garnish with sliced lemons and a sugar rim. 

With all the great verities you find a  mix to please 
everyone... and you cannot forget to keep the BBQ master
well  hydrated too.
Find more great recipes just like this on  Cascades website.

To take these drinks to another level replace the ice cubes with
 Fruity Ice Cubes!!
Yes, that’s right: fruity ice cubes- lime,  raspberries, strawberry's, watermelon, blueberries... etc.  Most recipes suggested adding cut fruit to regular water, but think how perfect they pair with Cascade Ice Sparkling Water.

Now you are  ready to create the best BBQ cocktails fizzy mixers. Overflowing with fruit, they’ll go perfectly with those juicy steaks and charred veggies.


  1. I like drinks like this that have a robust flavor but without all the junk.

  2. They sound delicious! I want to try the Melon Mixer!!

  3. Oh I just saw these on your instagram page. How neat how you can mix and make beverages! Oh the Melon Mixer would be so good! They all sound good! I love the idea of the ice cubes!

    1. The cubes are just a super way to give the flavor a punch & keep the drinks from getting to watered down


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