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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

This year add #Pfeffernüsse cookies from @BahlsenBiscuits to your #HolidayCookie Tradition! #foodie #foodporn

Pfeffernüsse cookies had been placed in my stocking by Oma and Opa for years and they do it now for my children-and I never knew there was a  National Pfeffernüsse Day! YES December 23 is National Pfeffernüsse Day!

You may be saying to yourself, National Pfeffer-na-whaaaaaaaaaa?? After you bite into
 this  cookie you be saying Pfeffernüsse -De-LISH!

It has been a popular European  yuletide treat from the late 1850's .There are a few verity of recipes most commonly they contain cinnamon, cloves, and anise mixed into a dough...a German Ginger-Bread if you wish.

If this is not a cookie you want to attempt to put on your baking list I'd suggest trying Bahlsen. They are Germany’s leading cookie brand and the largest family-owned cookie producer in the worldThose in search of a “better cookie” experience have long turned to Bahlsen for the delectable tastes and fine textures that only come from the best ingredients and cookie craftsmanship. No preservatives. No artificial colors.So Simple just YUM!!!
Bahlsen Pfeffernüsse cookies are only available in stories for a limited time around the winter holidays, and they come in two varieties: iced gingerbread cookies and chocolate-covered iced gingerbread cookies. At  $2.99 you'll want to buy a few bags -because this little treats will disappear fast! Especially if you have a few Cookie Monsters (like I do) in your house!

Need to know where you can buy them-FIND OUT HERE


  1. My grandparents would have these cookies out --I never knew what they were called. BUT me and my siblings gobbled them up!!!

  2. I have never heard of anyone making premade pfeffernusse before! I always make homemade every Christmas! Sounds great!

  3. We've made these a few times at Christmas. They're delicious and they never last. I'm curious to see how these compare.


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