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Saturday, December 26, 2015

New Years Resolution # 1 make the skin you have the skin you love NATURALLY #noticethelotus #targethaul #dermae

I come to the acceptation stage that as a Gen Xer my actions from my 20's & 30's were not always the best. Now I'm looking for healthy & natural options to become a permanent  part of my lifestyle.
Last year my BIG resolution was finding these option in the food I was putting IN my body- I did ok...SO this year my #1 Resolution is going to be finding the natural option for what I put ON my body- Fine lines,crow's feet, dark circles under my eyes, and know all those menacing signs of LIVING! These need to be addressed, and I'm not one to  put on a full face of make-up every day so I needed to find a creme or  lotion where I could see results in my face even going Au Natural!

I have been using the derma e eye lift  along with a few other great cremes  and the results are amazing. You only need a tiny dab this products because a little goes a looong way! Its such a rich creamy formula and made my eyes look MORE awake. I started using it  and after just a few days saw the difference in my under eye circles was less dark and puffy. The Day/Night Cremes are so hydrating!

In 2016 Derma e  proudly announce the arrival of three of their best selling facial moisturizers at Target -  plus their best-selling eye creme! I know I can hardly wait, my sample packs will get me through the last few days of 2015 and then I can get some full size bottles to add to my skin care routine!  

#NOTICETHELOTUS at Target 2016...derma e has arrived!

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