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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#Decorative @Ceiling_Tiles #PRODUCTREVIEW

I don't know if your like me, when it comes to your homes decor, but I have to change SOMETHING in my home almost every month. Sometimes the smallest change can make  a room feel brand new. I was thrilled to get in touch with a great company who can give any room a quick and dramatic change. I'm talking about Decorative Ceiling  Tiles. They carry a wonderful selection of  faux leather, metal ceiling ties, and some foam tiles too.

I recieved  a tin and a foam tile. Here is a little about them in their own words:

Mostly used in commercial or residential projects where the expensive 3 dimensional metal look is desired but the budget for real metal is not there. These tiles can be glued to most flat surfaces, such us drywall, plywood or plaster.  Models for suspended ceiling systems also known as the grid systems are also available.  Most of these tiles are class "A" fire rated in the USA.  Tiles are made from recyclable PVC.

This is the  most economical line of ceiling tiles.  These 3 dimensional tiles are excellent solution for covering most unsightly ceilings. Their ability to cover popcorn and other textures or patched up ceilings plus the fact that they are easy to work with, makes them a popular product.  These tiles can be painted with any water-based paint.  The size is 20x20 (2.7 sqft).  Currently there are  over 50 beautiful designs.

I received one sample of the tin tile and one foam. At first I wasn't super impressed with the foam tile I received...
its one of the lines most simple designs.  But My daughter had a really creative way to use it.


She took some scrapbook paper attached it to the tile, added some sparkle snowflakes and now we have a  new card display wall.
After seeing her work I can see how even the simplest of tiles can add a nice change. 
 I think over  the next years we'll use them again we could swap out the paper and have a whole new wall!!!!

The tin tile I received was a very ornate tin!!! I really did like most of the pattern (but the center grid like pattern was a bit to much for me)  after seeing my daughter creative juices flowing, mine started to also. Check out my project.

I love the mirror effect and I think this looks great in our master bedroom, with the soft flickering of the candles glowing in the reflection, adds a nice ambiance to the room. 

There are many other ways you can use the tile other then on your ceiling...on the web site they show them as a photo backdrop!The tin tiles would make a nice back splash in your kitchen. The possibilities are limitless. The tiles start under $5  very affordable way to change up your space.


  1. I have an old house and wish I had some ceiling tile like this. I want to start with a small small like my bathroom and do this.

    1. there are SO MANY styles--I'm sure you'll find one that would work great in your bathroom--a small project is a great way to get antiquated with the product

  2. It would have never occurred to me to use a ceiling tile for anything but a ceiling tile. Your daughter's project is really cute!

    1. they have a great "leather" collection that make some really cute headboards!

  3. That tile is so gorgeous! I love that antique look to it!

  4. What a fantastic idea! I never ever thought about using ceiling tiles to create something so pretty :) She did a great job.

  5. I love what you did with both of these! And I had no idea you could buy foam tiles. These are some great decorative ideas, thank you.


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