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Friday, December 7, 2012

What do woman REALLY want for Christmas

What Do Women Really Want Christmas - Infographic

I have agree with the numbers on this article. Although I may disagree with the statement don't buy what they need;sometimes just the fact that my hubby realized I needed a new--- is a GIFT in of itself! Also that travel should also say "trip free of children =)" Honestly this year when my Mom asked what I wanted I told her if she could give me and my DH dinner and  movie night :over night would be extra WONDERFUL ;} She seemed all to pleased at such a EZ request.

There are a few items I was surprised not to see on the list --A Spa day -who doesn't love to be pampered or a Magazine subscription-its the gift that gives all year long.

So how about it ladies--agree with the list or is something missing?????

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