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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pamela's Holiday Gift Guide 2012~~5 Great Hostess Gifts~~

As the holiday season has gotten into full swing every weekend its a party at Aunt Kathy's , playgroup holiday brunch, or maybe  a Christmas Cookie exchange. What ever it is getting the hostess a little something  something is a must. BUT WHAT to give that's where it can get tricky ...I've come up with several gift that would fill any  host  heart with joy.

  1. Coasters-- Find a style that suits you host- monograms  are always classic, or go with a holiday theme. As a party host you can never have too many coasters.
  2. A cute apron--again you know your host the best find what fits  if they have a great sense of humor check out Zazzle or for a more traditional looks check out some great est shops like Sassy Apron or Dear Edna. Or if your really handy with the sewing machine  design one yourself. See this cute one my Mom made ============>
  3. A great cheese board---of course adding the cheese for the party is a good idea, just let the host know they can keep the board after.These set are pretty reasonable  and are sure to be a big hit.
  4. Board games---chances are this host is always having people over and what more fun then a family game night or  battle of the sexes.
  5. Music CD's or I-tunes gift card --what is better to set the party mood then  some great tunes.


  1. Great ideas! I found some really cute aprons at Cost Plus. Also, my kids love Zazzle for their creative designs. I didn't know they made aprons, though!

  2. I've never thought of the apron idea, you know? Yet I LOVE a good apron!! And the board games? Oh perfect! Seriously, I still love board games and would love bring something to do instead of those awkward silences often happening at gatherings.

  3. I'm going to a get-together this weekend. I just might give the hostess an apron- a somewhat sexy one, to fit her personality :). Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh I love this!Nice gift to give!

  5. My grandma always used an apron and I used to LOVE to go select my favorite from the drawer when I got to help in the kitchen.

    I just got my own (the only one I own) last year and I love it! I think it's a great gift idea.


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